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too many layers of complexity for my brain to take

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Are you fucking kidding me? You took my pic...and created this shit?

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looking at the reviews on newegg for these makes me doubt their speed and build quality overall, this motherboard has a package with the 2600x. what msi motherboard would you recommend? should I spend a little more on a motherboard to get some more features?

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the amount of non-pity I feel against people who destroy hardware because they have issues with their nerves is remarkable
grow up

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no bully!

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someone please
I don't want to get chinked

>pic unrelated because you shits don't notice a post without a picture

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>I couldn't always understand why engineers and top execs would use them as their personal machines more often than the average person.
*Compatible with *nix software
*Runs MS office
*That's it!

>But you guys seem to forget that ultimately a computer is supposed to help you solve problems, not be a tinker toy for you to configure all day.
In that case, you want a computer that doesn't give you problems, so you want a computer that can easily be repaired in the case of common parts failure like dead RAM and battery degeneration. So, you don't want a mac, because the only thing worse than having to put a card into a slot is having to buy a new laptop and restore all your data (if possible).

Older macbooks were like that. They even had ultrabays. They were expensive, shiny thinkpads. But newer macs are top consumer shit.

iPhones suffer from all the same shit. The only difference is that the kinds of nerds that whine about it know that jailbreaking is dead and use something else.

But that doesn't mean android is used by nothing but those nerds. That's like saying that apple users are homosexuals because most homosexuals prefer apple for the FAAAABULOUS aesthetic.

Lol, arch isn't any different than debian, fedora, or ubuntu. They're all breakage-prone shit.

>Apt fucks itself
>Can't install anything
>"untangle deps please"
>one package was broken during an upgrade on "stable"
>can't downgrade without apt whining about a bad package, have to manually build a package with a fake version
>Like debian but the software is even less stable
>Even less stable than ubuntu, nonsense installer, eventually breaks during an upgrade and becomes unbootable

And then, suse

>everything works
>gooey settings panel is actually worth something
>KDE can do everything gnome or a tiling WM (scripts!) can do and doesn't omit simple features to fit some autistic "design philosophy"

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Oreimo is poison for the soul and mind.

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>lighttable shit dude
>we can't use it in a terminal where it matters.
>look, we're trying to have a discussion about
Dude, please do NOT call me faggot. I am an admirable, British gentleman.

Born in London.

Now, acme has NO features. it's one of those scary scary niche editors for NOBODIES.

just like one of those stupid sys programmers, who have all those "old habits" and RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE ELSE because the little shits just want to muck it up for the new generation.

It's not UNIX like


VIM - IMPROVES upon it with new features for the NEW genaration.

Can acme even copy and paste? Can it highlight? Code complete?

Can it run on anything other than amiga?

God damn iut

fucking punk kid.

Someone else here post some REAL IDE's. Kdevelop. Eclipse.

Bring in some raw iron to this bvitch

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Here's a gift from your friends at /k/

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That's what I love about 4chan, it is not a question and answer board but a living breathing community.

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open box gtx 970 from idiots that returned their cards you can get them EASILY for under $300.

>running sli ASUS Strix 970s for $550 thanks to 3.5-4GB ram fuckup.

thanks Nvidia!

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When will AMD release new gpus?
in my country GTX 970 is 480$ and here paychecks are like 10x less than in merica
need dat drop
t. eastern yuropoor

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The Note 3 is just stupidly huge.

It's really a shame that Apple didn't stick to the size of the original iPhone.

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