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as a Steam user, I can say that I fucking hate Steam for harvesting data within the software itself and I blame it for destroying much of charm games of old had.

EGS launcher on the other hand behaves like a true malware. It fucking harvests EVERYTHING, and most of all it harvests your Steam data. In many regards it reminds me of EA Origin which was a rootkit that allowed EA to use your computer for all kinds of malicious shit, a botnet in its purest form and they did just that, so with experience in mind, why would i trust Epic?

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My workstation has 16GB of RAM. I struggle to use more than 2GB unless I'm running multiple virtual machines. I also have a quad core CPU and I don't think I'm really utilizing it fully except when I compile software with all four cores or run VMs on two or three cores. I run Debian with KDE. Maybe wintards need 1TB of RAM but I certainly don't. I would be perfectly fine with 8GB.

Depends on what you run in the VMs. Most of mine are headless, so I only allocate 512MB to them. Windows XP and 7 both work comfortably with 1GB RAM if you're only running a couple simple programs in them.

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the main reason why my CPU + GPU combo will be AMD is because

>release a fast CPU
>5 patches later it loses 50% performance
>lol no hyperthreading

>install any rolling release distro
>everything works
>update system
>nothing fucking works anymore
>have to do nomodeset
>have to run circles through hacks and workarounds
>have to spend nights on Gentoo, Debian and Arch forums

>it just werks

Fuck Intel and Nvidia and their subpar products.

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My favourite point of amd is that they don't keep changing the fucking sockets. Can't even find a fucking motherboard for my i7 4770k after mine died when I didn't reply to a post saying my motherboard would die in my sleep tonight if I didn't reply to it.

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>Intel releases a new CPU
>all benchmarks show it's fast as fuck
>Spectre patch comes out
>8% performance loss
>Meltdown patch comes out
>7% performance loss
>ZombieLoad patch comes out
>35% performance loss
>hyperthreading gets disabled
>another 10% performance loss

How is this shit legal? It's basically bait and switch. Intel's CPUs are slow as fuck. Like they're slower than AMD's Bulldozer, and everyone hates that piece of shit.

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how much voletile data is within your reach but haven't bothered to archive, /g/?
>a few limited edition music CD's I've been too lazy to rip because I have to open my computer to plug in a disk drive (not enough room to install)
>a vinyl record of which only 500 exist on earth, paid $200 for it and left it at a friend's house because I had to leave my parent's house shortly after - we haven't found time to meet up for so long
>old 90s computer with a bunch of abandonware i cannot find online - whose hard drive is probably bitrotted by now, sits at my parents
>windows xp machine with games i programmed as a kid, needs to be imaged but is at my parents
>video tapes from my childhood that regardless of them working, i need to argue with my mum as to why keeping them is important - she doesnt seem to understand that maybe one day i will want to look back on the memories, and VHS is such a voletile media and maybe she would like to back up her wedding tape but she is confident it will stand the test of time.
she also asks me why i would want to keep family videos since my dad has ruined his relationship with me. i know this sounds insane, but i would like to revisit the days he wasn't an asshole, because he used to be a good dad.
anyone else got a complex maze to backing up cherished memories?
i used to make a lot of stop motion videos and i was too dumb to make videos on the computer so i would just camcorder my screen clicking through the photos as quickly as i could. lotta memories of stuff i made, and things like pivot animations nd music my cousin made and shared with me, none of which he has anymore but would love for me to find and return to him.
sry for blogposting, but yeah guys - anyone got situation like this?

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Install gentoo

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>windows kernel is written in C++

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Anyone else noticed we get more and more threads how Linux sucks with each new Windows update? Wow, is Windows really getting that good?

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I came here to post this.

This literally doesn't happen. Those files are protected by the root account. You have to login as root and intentionally delete files to fuck up a Linux system.

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I'm using two 5:4 monitors right now. They're great for programming and 4chan browsing and they cost $5 a piece at the thrift store. Why would I ever pay hundreds of dollars for 16:9 stretched out garbage? I'd rather spend my money on firearms and bacon cheeseburgers like a proper American man. Fuck off to /v/

Be gone, homosexual.

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You are correct. Windows was always trash, even if there were points where it was less trash than it is now. Over the years there have been lots of other systems that were vastly superior in terms of technology but failed to get ahead because they were more expensive. As usual, poorfag winshitters care not for beauty or quality. Many people look back on Amigas, SGI workstations, Sun SPARC machines, and old m68k and PowerPC Macintoshes with fond memories. No one who actually used them at the time looks back at early Windows PCs with anything but utter disdain.

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>meanwhile on micropenis shitblows 10

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