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Help me you fucks!

I fell for the Note 8 meme last year thanks to this thread and I got cucked one year and one month after buying it. That's $1000 down the drain thanks to /spg/, and fuck the gooks at Samsung.

What do I get now? I'm in the US, want a long lasting battery, and want something that will work for more than a fucking year. The longer the better. NO MORE SHILLS PLEASE RECOMMEND ME ACTUALLY GOOD PRODUCTS.

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>8 threads
>being this insecure

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Why the fuck is everything this complicated? Just make a fucking .deb file of Proton already!!

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>tfw nomore affordable sansa's, philips or cowons

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He's a guy who is liked by everyone and he gets respected by everyone around him (even my team) but they dont know he did this and its my word against his

Maybe he made a mistake when deleting it, but i fucking know he was going to put it back in and say he fixed it

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>Hey, anon, I put Linux Mint on my laptop
>I wanted to go back to windows 10
>Can you please help me?
>Yeah, no prob
>Download a GUI tool to make windows usbs
>The flash drive is not bootable
>Format drive
>Mount ISO
>Copy everything from ISO to the stick
>The flash drive is not bootable
>Decide to run a VM of windows
>Just to make a bootable usb stick
>Install gnome boxes
>Box setup failed
>Install Virtualbox
>Create a VirtualBox of the ISO
>Download rufus
>Can't access host files within VM
>Download VirtualBox extension pack
>It takes an hour for rufus to copy the ISO
>On an laptop cooling pad
> i7 4790HQ
>It works

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