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>None of them are playing a video game, but there's one guy who I particularly notice isn't playing a video game

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>6C/12T is 5 fps slower than 10C/20T
What the fuck are you talking about

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>Let that sink in.
Stax users are the biggest Reddit niggers.

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Why do you faggots consider Win 7 dead? Just because it won't get "updates"? Are you that type of people who buy a new phone in every year?

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Fostex, Sennheiser, LCD, Focal, ZMF and anything else is better than STACKS

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>only works with wayland
>only works with libinput
>this is somehow a deal breaker

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Are you guys all trolls? I'm doing Python/JavaScript/Go/Rust development with gogland, atom, chrome (so many tabs you can't count them) and Spotify open and I still have 300mb from the 4gb left. You could have stopped upgrading at core 2 duo. (Still using my intel pentium e5200 at 5ghz).

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>privacy and patriotism
>bu/g/urs obviouslyflustered

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Wow, amazing argument there. I'm in awe of your intelligence and conversational prowess.

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>idk who else to ask

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>last gen laptop CPU in a non-default configuration

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jesus christ dude just remember to delete your object instances when destroying them i mean man it isn't that hard unless you're programming at like the ~enterprise~ level dude

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>Next iNigger tm will have NO BEZELS AT ALL
>You hear me? No fucking bezels!
>Asshuge bezels

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Alright guys, need some advice.

Long story short, I shorted out my T420s i7 motherboard. It couldn't tell when the AC adapter was plugged in. So I bought a super cheap not working i5 T420s. Bad display cable. Put the display from my old system on the i5 system and it seems to work alright.

Only problem is that the fan runs at high speed. It starts out normal, but once it ramps up it seems like it can't ramp back down. Just a constant 4k RPM all the time, even through a reboot. Only way to reset it is a complete shutdown.

All the temps look good, nothing overheating. The power and performance settings in BIOS/UEFI are set to battery optimized. I just updated the UEFI to the most recent, didn't help.

Any ideas? The display is the FHD mod, would that somehow cause the fan to go full speed?

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Is this a troll thread or did you seriously think this would be a good place to ask this?

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You sound like a huge dumbass, what's your end-game? systemd is verified botnet

> uses > to appear less like a pointless shil
> Boss seyz not enough goys on systemd for the control ultimate botnet he craves, we gotta make our numbers!

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>I feel like I'm wasting my life by being so obsessed with tech
>Considering the Apple "lifestyle"

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>be undergrad
>can't program but still got a job
>get cosc degree
>learned to program, make shit ton of money

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>visual studio
kys kid
and then you wonder why a Pahjeet steals your job

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>Tx70's were supposed to be out in feb-march
>no sign of them
>silence from Lenovo

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>offshoot chan is created and gains rapid popularity because it seems good

>steadily a combination of the users and the mods/owner run it into the ground

>site eventually becomes nazi mode, violating all the stated rights/goals/mission that the site was made for in the first place


>chan becomes dead/spamvertising ridden

OR (rarely)

>finds a steady and loyal userbase, and it sticks around for a long time, but being small, is always slow as hell

in my experience the best chans are the last kind, which tend to be focused loosely around a topic with boards being more categories within that interest. the ones that become shit are the ones that try to be the "better/next 4chan". the ones created by outcasts (porn usually) are a tossup, many function quite well and have good communities for a while, but most of the time some person or entity decides to attack it, either because they're some crusader or just artistically butthurt and then it goes down the drain. autistic posters fighting with autistic mods are what ruined 8chom.

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