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>branching code

char const grade_from_score(int const score)
return 0x4B - (char)((score - (score < 60) * (score - 50)) * 0.1);

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Is there a more ES6+ boi way to iterate through an array than the foreach? Wha are the best practices here?

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Any of you niggas got a Java course or just exercices for Intermediate niggas like me (I've done the introductions that covers until OOP)? I'd like to grind some programming.

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Same here. Fedora was hands down my worst linux experience so far. I tried installing it twice on my main desktop and once on my memepad. Every time the performance was beyond horrible. It was laggy, buggy, there were broken drivers, insane boot times, controls not working(for eg. brightness or volume controls). Absolutely disgusting, back to slack it is.

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>emotional intelligence test

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I'm sorry anon but this isn't the right place to ask either. All responses you'll get will be to buy a thinkpad x24 and install gentoo

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The Steam client is literally malware, it constantly pings and sends data to Valve servers, as even given per the user and privacy agreement. You don't even own the games you purchase on there, you can lose access to your account at any time. Not to mention DRM. Why are gamers so retarded to adopt this as the de-facto platform?

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I've owned a 1st generation Raspberry PI for several years and used it as my main pc.

I would like to buy a new SBC, ideally without any non-free blobs and with enough horsepower, what do you suggest?

Pic unrelated.

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>automatically restarting
Any software that takes this amount of control away from the user belongs in the trash.

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>he doesn't clean his registry by hand

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>literal botnet

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>hey son, do you know any website where I can download precracked software?
>you used to be better at this stuff
>tell him the why proprietary software is evil and that he shouldn't be running windows in first place
>Linux is old technology
>Windows is older
>Windows gets updates
>So does linux

Why do people like so much the idea of proprietary software?

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>Daniel J. Bernstein

Why is /pol/ always right.

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kys fag

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>botnet OS

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>not GNU/Linux

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That does make more sense, I like it.
Still, I'm gonna try switching to emacs, wish me luck vim breh.

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>hehe store all your passwords with us, we promise we won't look

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That's probably because you fell for the Gentoo or Arch meme. Install Trisquel.

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You used to mail me on my Emacs
Late night when you need my FOSS
Mail me on my Emacs
Late night when you need my FOSS
I know when that GNU Bash bling
It can only mean one thing

Ever since you left my system GNU
Got an interjection for yourself now
Everybody know and I feel forked out
Girl you got me downstream got me stressed out
Cause ever since you left my systemd GNU
Started collaborating on FOSS less and developing non-FOSS more
Proprietary frameworks out on the coding floor
Hanging with some devs I've never seen before

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I can't find a license for media (non-software) materials that enforces copyleft strictly enough. For example, let's say I create some painting P with arbitrary materials, such as physical oil paints or software like GIMP. I upload P online, say to my website, and apply CC BY-SA 4.0 as its license L(P). Now, say some other website W applies a CC BY-SA 3.0 license to its articles; we'll call this license L(W). Let's say W uses P in some article. That means the article with P can be distributed under L(W), but I prefer L(P), even though both are copyleft. I want the whole article to be deemed as L(P) since it uses P. Worse yet, what if L(W) was CC0? I want some license that demands use of at least that licence and overrides the license of its "master" or "superset" media.

Also, I would like such a licence to be GPL compatible. Approval by the FSF is a bonus.

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>Using proprietary software to adjust monitor settings
Install redshift

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what kind of limp wristed code-artisan uses strings in their code anyway? heh fuckin' front end wwwebshit losers

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