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Self administered bump since no one responds to my posts anymore

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AdoredTV has committed channel suicide ripperoni.
>MFW I actually want a driving setup with VR.
Honestly as I'm learning to drive if there was a haptic feedback kit I'd fully try and get a kitted out driver set.
if I actually had any money at all

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I'm actually set on the CPU side for a while to come, I managed to pick up a 1700x for 100$. Now I could use a nice Navi GPU, because I broke my VEGA FE while I was installing the waterblock (I over tightened it, rookie mistake) and I've been using a backup R9 Fury while I save up/wait for new GPUs. I miss my vega :(

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Cannot wait to see it listed for 400eur.

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>trackpoint gone

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>rounded corners

Holy fuck! Plz no!

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Do I have to make a copypasta for this shit? You already had a goddamn thread up. This shit takes up like 600mb of ram and uses more than firefox in just loading /g/. This is absolutely fucking cancerous and you should just use w3m-img instead, which loading /g/ costs your system 20mb of ram.

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>AceTorrents and AcheHD been down for weeks
has anyone even heard of them? been with them since the beginning. i guess it's the end bros...

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