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>Below that you are wasting money
not really desu, just having a larger diaphragm, even if it's cheap, is going to give better quality than an in-line mic, or a shitty headset mic, unless you've got a $300+ headset with a really nice mic for studio use, literally any larger diaphragm condenser microphone will be higher quality, even a $40 condenser.

I just use a USB condenser on an arm with a popfilter, spent under $50 and it's MUCH higher quality than any headset microphone, clear sounding to people in game, or discord.

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>mini soundlink 2
>$180 for two 1" tweeters.

Wew lad.

I bought monoprice powered studio monitors on sale for $119.99, two large 5" woofers and with two 1" tweeters>

All I do is plug them into a $50 USB DAC and I get twice the volume you have and a lot more separation and a hell of a lot more low end.

pic related, one of the monoprice speakers on my desk.

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Yup, AKG K712, Schiit magni/Modi

The modi is on the desk because I'm using it for my speakers and the right channel speaker cable wont stretch far enough to hide the modi anywhere else

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I have dual 25" 1440p IPS 60hz, paid $540 total for both of them.

Was looking at ultrawide 3440x1440 and also 27" 1440p, but I would have been spending $700-1000 on either of those setups at the time (8 months ago).

I'm pretty satisfied with my 2x1440p 25", so much cheaper and still looks amazing.

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