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But there is, have you never swapped a WiFi chip before

>Inb4 b-but it won't boot

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I have had shitty generic office chairs and IKEA chairs at home and at work. My job has just upgraded to $700 Steelcase chairs which suck just as much. I have sat in Herman Miller Aeron's Type A, B, and C. They were nice. I own a Hermian Miller embody, the best chair I've ever sat in.
Yes, it's more comfortable. Yes I've compared more than just the two. I'm not shitposting. Here's your discussion you fucking sperg. I'm not fanyboying, I'm stating my opinion. If you hate it here, CLICK THE X AT THE TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER OF YOUR SCREEN.

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Everyone here seems to hold up C as the holy grail of programming languages, and look down on higher level languages such as Java, C# and Python as languages for Ranjeesh and Pajeet. And yet, C is such a simple language. It has very few features and keywords. The main reference book is a tenth the length of those of higher level languages. It would seem that those languages would be more difficult to learn and program in. Where does the complexity of C come into play? Is there something fundamental that I'm missing? Or have I been memed?

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>made bbt account one month before lockdown
Feels like winning the lottery.

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Maki maki gimmi that faki

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How can I convert my highly detailed .i3/config file to .xbindkeysrc files that can be used in any DE?

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Thank you very much. I am looking at the MPC-HC right now, making sure to read the article before installing. You have been a great help. I wish more people were like you guys.

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