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>advancing technology
Software has gotten worse.

>higher performance
Software now is lower performance. Just over the last week Google added a obfuscated JS player on YouTube. The new Gmail client is incredibly slow and uses 100% CPU.

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He is more butthurt than Terry when dianna got blacked

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I'm not a programmer, - but I love to follow tech. I wanted to ask programmers on /g/, is any of Terry's stuff interesting from a programming perspectives? He seems to imply some features he implemented are "genius", such as mixing c and asm ... I am a layman so I suspend my judgement, Terry is much smarter than I am. But I suspect most of what he does is not that interesting technically, or useful, however it has another thing that attracts people...

I think that what makes us humans feel alienated is complexity. All systems become increasingly complex with time. I think we humans naturally detest complexity and prefer a simpler, logical, hierarchical explanation for reality. For instance, evolution is messy, Genesis is elegant, simple - it pleases our desire to understand, to prove that reality is not 'random'.

The same kind of impulse towards simplicity and understanding is present, I think, ink Terry's work. Computer systems have become increasingly complicated with time - the Linux kernel for instance. It's very hard if not impossible for any person to have an overview of what goes on in there. So complexity means the machinery becomes so intricate and each person is working on a specialized part, a clog in the machinery, and that creates a feeling of alienation - we no longer know what we use: the machine becomes a "black box", an alien thing we rely on, but no longer fully understand (we understand in principle, parts of it, etc. but not fully).

The religious person - like Terry, has a nostalgia for the times before the complexity - the Commodore64 times, -

So while his work as a whole is almost worthless from a technical/programming PoV, it is a work of performance art, and proves an important point. It's heroic in its attempt to revolt against the increasing complexity that alienates us, and that's why it inspires so many people. It's a fascist impulse - same impulse is behind all fascism. To reduce the complexity of society to a single Authority

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