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electricity is a moving part

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>be me when I was a highschoolfag
>go to public library to work on programming assignments and autistic bot programs because everyone was being loud at home and I couldn't concentrate
>have IDE and terminal windows open and with debug messages scrolling down it
>normalfags keep suspiciously eyeing me like I'm some LEET Russian haxor breaking into the mainframe
>security guards come and keep walking back and forth, obviously glancing at my screen each time
>whisper into their gay walkie talkies
>feel really uncomfortable the entire time
>I just want to finish my assignments

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Oh wow, many...


If you count shell scripting then also:
command-shell (batch scripts)

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>>>>>>cross-compiling a 4chan post

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Can't compete with my 64-core threadripper

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quick rundown

what did i miss?

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so thats what that number means. It doesn't even tell you it's a port, it's just there.
Thanks anon

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flip a normal case upside down

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repl for css?
repl for css?
repl for css?

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>google chrome
>1708 packages

On a slightly unrelate note, why are you running cinnamon? This kind of setup requires a lot of customization on cinnamon, but it'd be easy on something like xfce, not to mention faster and lighter weight.

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we tried to warn you about the SJWs...why didn't you listen?
face it, /g/
you have no choice now but to embrace fascism

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> free wifi wherever he can find it
-its very frustrating having to hang around a wifi hotspot for long periods
- most block 4chan and torrents so you need to up your TOR/VPN game
- my major australian city had an incredibly large and fast well covered free wifi network and then the telcos forced them to put a city wide 5hr time limit and 700mb data limit / day on it... so you will need to learn how to spoof a MAC adress while your at it ...

or you can just get a 40Gb prepaid 4G sim for $30 and shoot up wherever you want .... the more you know.....

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Any good sites on how to shoehorn google's indidious trash out of my phone?

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>send image via mail
Why is this still a right-click option in browsers? Does anyone actually use it? In what circumstances?

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Go to banking site

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>make a diff to un-apply the glibc commit that broke flash in chromium
>it actually applies, builds and runs without problems
thank you gnu/gentoo

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>Have wannacry encrypt my files.
>Look for internet Bitcoin Password Cracker. Install. Get OS encrypted too.
What to do?

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Is there an Python IDLE equivalent to C++ that can run code live without the need to constantly compile and test (an interpreter)?

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I feel like attempting privacy in Windows is a bit of a lost cause fren.
I'd recommend Linux/BSD for desktop and Lineage without Gapps for mobile.
That said I use Firefox on desktop and Fennec on mobile, both with uBlock Origin.
You could try GNU Icecat: it removes telemetry but is based on an older version of Firefox ESR, so lags on security updates.
It also comes with many retarded anti-JS addons which break all websites known to man, so disable those.
Alternatively try Ungoogled Chromium.
It's what it says on the tin, but you'll need to install extensions manually because it doesn't work with the Chrome store.

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Where does /g/ save their porn? Are you comfortable with letting letting others have access to it?

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Node.js vs Php

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imagine a text to speech software that takes phrases from a massive user-submitted word/sentence database. Obviously not practical for real consumer-tech applications like alexa, but what would limit making this for the memes? is there anything that makes it an especially stupid idea or entirely impossible? has something like this been tried already?

the way i imagine it, base words are accepted based on voting, and sentences can also be submitted and used in the same way. of course, this makes it highly susceptible to troll-attacks, but i doubt anyone utilizing such a ridiculous thing in their application would care anyway.

im pretty retarded and not a /g/ merd so i dont know if anyone will even be interested in this thread, but i want to entertain myself with the idea anyway

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