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S7 finally carked it (seems to be responsive, but the screen is black). The repair shop said it's not worth fixing.
Fuggin flagship phones are now all phablet size. I can't see any reason to go above 5 or so inches. I wish there was a retro style phone (not touchscreen) that had modern tech in it.

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what brand is your TV? also post model number.

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Hey. I have a queestion about APT. Iwant to install a package with several recommends and exclude a single recommended package. If I use the --no-install-recommends, all the recommended packages will be excluded. For example if there is a package A and X, Y and Z are recommends, is there an option like "install A --ignore X" that will install A package alogn with Y and Z but skipping X?

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Hello. I am starting a new project and, considering that I'll be doing it from scratch and it's 2018 and things like that, I figured I want to keep my project as well as myself up to date with the times, Also I find it easier to manage a project in the long run if you use git, cloud backups, things like that you know.
So what I wanna know is what services I should use. Firstly, what is the choice for git repository? Now I am not saying that github is bad because of their gender transgender or whatever sjw politics, I don't care about that, but since I want my project files only be available for relevant peoples eyes, I don't want to host it on the public github repository for that reason. Are there any others? Is it okay to set up a repository on a cloud storage like google drive, for example?
I have plenty of experience with node js, so I decided to go with that for server side. At the frontend side I've been using react and heard there's also a good and more barebones framework called vue. Now I've done my research, although still didn't actually use it. What I wanna hear is oppinions of people who went from react or angular to vue js.
I've never actually used any kind of IDE for my work. If it somewhat could speed up writing a program, I would like to hear from people who went from using a text editor to an IDE.
Also the last but not least - where are all the links that were in the OP in the previous threads? There should be a pastebin or something, those were kind of useful.
And bumping my previous request too >>64577909

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sorry m8, just saw it's no longer available
this is the one i used to have
this one is smaller/simpler, but used to work
just make sure to use the right fluid

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How is that healthy? Sleeping on the floor, you'll get sore backs.
Also checked.

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Bump question!

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What is the best platform to start a new project in 2017? I am now considering node js, but since it is a new project and it is my own I may aswell learn something new.

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I want to simmulate what unity panel does, I have compiz and lemonbar. I have maximized windows decorations hidden and I want to be able drag lemonbar to unmaximize the focused window. I have looked into unity panel source code and it uses a wm.StartMove construction, so I assumed that compizz must have an interface to recieve such signals.

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Hello /g/! Is there a real reason in chasing more up to date packages when choosing a GNU/Linux distribution?
For five years I have been using Debian testing on my computer with kde4 and then the fifth. Lately I have been discovering other options - different desktop environments also the tiling window managers. I really liked the bspwm but after discovering the Unity DE on the Ubuntu 16.04 I felt like it was the most comfortable, was smoothest and the most polished from the UX side. The only thing that bothers me that it's(unity) not available on distributions other than Ubuntu.
The current topical version of Ubuntu (16.04) have kind of overdue package versions, for example git package is far behind from current or even previous stable releases.
I know I can install the packages that I really require to be the most up to date(or even any specific version, but it's not the issue here) from source, but having to get around this way triggers my(I hate being the meme guy here) autism.

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I like redditors. Weebs like you cannot represent 4chan users here, actually they can't represent shit except their own mental retardation. You might aswell fuck off to /a/ right now.

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Nice, well explained.

Here, have some cake.

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I know, I was just being a smartass.

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Why do you chose opensuse over debian?

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