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>he thinks people will own cars in the future instead of just hailing an automatic electric cab that costs less than a bus fare to go anywhere in your city

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Funny how everyone easily dealt with that "insufferable agony" throughout all of human history until it became more acceptable and encouraged.

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>images (n).jpg

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images (n).jpg

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Love the idea of programming? Imagine being this much of a pussy. What is holding you back from actually sitting on your ass and study this shit?
It's not like "I love the idea of getting to the top of Mount Everest" where is virtually impossible for normal folk to do it. Just fucking look up for resources and do it.
Lucky for you, I'll fucking spoonfeed you the resource that helped me get a job:
Now quit being a whiny bitch and get to fucking WORK. You don't even need to make your stuff pretty, just functional is enough.
Power through this course and you will land a job.

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>tfw some windows apps runs faster on wine than on windows

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Imagine being too dumb to evade bans

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>all that equipment to listen to shitty noise

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>get a job after being a neet for years
>reflexively start looking at lolis and listening to anime song like I always do
>female coworker saw my monitor and went "UGH" and walked out
I'm fucked aren't I

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>Hey here is a really difficult program
>Get hundreds of students to work on it
>Give the winner a 50 dollar Arby's coupon
How do people even fall for this?

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>[...] double (real numbers) [...]

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>boss tells me I can't use magic strings
>"But doesn't WPF use magic strings to update bindings?"
>"That doesn't count"

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wow, so they now hire like the top 1% of niggers who like computer science.

wow, asians and whites now go from 90% to 89% of being hire.

wow, trully a genocide.

All the white males being replaced with niggers, are bottom of the barrel.
All the talented white males are making their own companies, not being some wagecuck.

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>install windows 7 x64
>waste one hour installing windows
>waste another hour downloading and installing updates and drivers
>now waste another hour updating to SP1
>even with GPU drivers my monitor resoultion isn't detected
>can't use other resolution than 1000x800 even with nvidia drivers installed
>sound doesn't work
>install drivers
>still doesn't work
>get an USB sound card output
>still doesn't work
>install USB drivers
>still output doesn't work

Thanks microsoft.

>install lubuntu
>takes 20 minutes to download
>takes 15 minutes to install
>takes 10 minutes to upgrade
>takes 2 minutes to install GPU privative drivers
>GPU resolutions works and give me diferent resolutions on my two monitors
>audio work fine

wow, I love windows.

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>Video games are entirely illusions made to make you think they're real but they aren't
the vast majority of videogames have no interest in making you think that they are real or simulations of reality, most videogame are a fantasy(as in they simulate a fantasy), wants to be a fantasy and players approach them as a fantasy, what kind of videogames do you play anon?

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Funny how the ThinkPad cult isn’t here yet.

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People are not original.

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>mfw didnt know about this until now
fellow /g/entoomen, are extra cores a meme?

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>not fun allowed

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>there are /g/entlemen who actually use Anne Pro 2

A glorified key logger huh?

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UK if you couldnt tell
Phone and PC
>Type of headphone
Full over the ear and Wireless (inb4 shit sound quality)
>Open or closed
>Comfort level
Fair, not a priority
>Sound signature
Dont really care aha
>Past headphones
only had some shitty in ear ones

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