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Name one (1) thing you can do with terminal that you can't do with a GUI

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Come on, you're not immature for admiring dubs. Dubs are universally beautiful

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>Buys new pc
>Pc wont install windows 7
Anyone know why this problem occurs?

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4790k @4.7ghz & 4.4ghz cache pushing 1.31v adaptive.

Temps are looking good, AIDA64 Extreme for 1 hour, averaging 60C with a H110i

It idles around 25C, gaming its about 50C.

Am I looking good or is 1.31v too high?

>Post your OC's.

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>giving a shit about this

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Are there any coding contests or challenge threads going on in /g/?
Sort of like agdg but with coders instead?
How would I get one going?

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u so fani

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Sounds trivial but I use Cinnamon because the last time I checked MATE, its support for custom keyboard shortcuts was clunkier than Cinnamon's. That was the only difference between them that mattered to me. All the rest I could get used to, but muh shortcuts, you see.

Now that was 2 years ago and MATE may have improved since. But since I've gone through the trouble of getting used to Cinnamon, unless MATE comes up with some game-changing advantage, I'm just gonna stay with Cinnamon. But I don't hate on MATE at all, you know? Both are cool and I can see someone with different priorities than me picking it over Cinnamon.

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hi anons, which linux will be best for tor stuff etc?
i've got pretty old pc.
specs http://i.imgur.com/V9oUCeC.png

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I'm trying to get into arch, I passed the beginner's guide, now I have to continue.

I will do it, I have to.

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I'm a pleb

Why is it bad ?

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New linux user here

Let's assume I take a pirated version of Win 7, remove every spywares and updates and use it only ( and I mean only) for gaymens and OracleVM.

What will be the real flaws compared to a dual-boot system ?

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/g/ i need you expertise now

I disabled all services in msconfig. after restarting i cannot get past the log in screen. It tells me my password is wrong even though is is correct.

how do i fix this?

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Got it, thanks anons.

But what about

Sorry if I'm a bit slow here guys, have to practice critical thinking more often.

Also, I cheated:
public class JPRACT {

public static void main(String[] args) {
byte p, q;


p = 1; q = 1;
System.out.print(p + "\t" + q +"\t");
System.out.print((p&q) + "\t" + (p|q) + "\t");
System.out.println((p^q) + "\t" + (0));

p = 1; q = 0;
System.out.print(p + "\t" + q +"\t");
System.out.print((p&q) + "\t" + (p|q) + "\t");
System.out.println((p^q) + "\t" + (0));

p = 0; q = 1;
System.out.print(p + "\t" + q +"\t");
System.out.print((p&q) + "\t" + (p|q) + "\t");
System.out.println((p^q) + "\t" + (1));

p = 0; q = 0;
System.out.print(p + "\t" + q +"\t");
System.out.print((p&q) + "\t" + (p|q) + "\t");
System.out.println((p^q) + "\t" + (1));

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Oh man, wish I had my own room, my own space, privacy, my own rig. Laptop, 19 years old, learning to code and make apps to make a living, hope to land a job.

Really nice set ups.

Bigger monitors please, nice though. Simple.

Making the most of the situation, good anon good.


I really like this, makes me want to add a 3rd monitor or at least center the two but then again I like the space.

rig/setup looks nicer than the space, cum on step it up


organize those cables you fuck, other than that gets the job done.

"1.21 GIGAWATTS MARTY!" - Professor McCuckenstein

Nice blast from the past anon, calming normie set up.

0/10 no visible rail gun

Nice set up anon, looks awesome, keyboard is nice, comfy chair too.


Classy and sleek, good shit anon

God damn anon, good shit, post onaholes

Seems like a true /g/fag, good on you anon, quite the work space.

IF it weren't for the alcohol, would think it was Jimmy's rig, gets home, plays minecraft after Chad buttfucked him at school, still nice though

Trap anon? Would sodomize/10 please post on an nsfw board, want to fugg you in the boipussi

Argentina or Brazil? Mate tea? Looks nice though.

Spacious as fuck, gets the job done, get a bigger monitor possibly wall mount?

Take another pic farther away

Bigger monitor nice clock though, good shit anon

Comfy as fuck gimme some of that

Basement? Still nice.

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What does /g/ think about this build? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/g78D99

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For large file movements, programming, and Fallout 4, should I get an FX-8320 or an fx-6300? I want this system to be able to play modern games for the next 3-4 years. I have a Radeon R9 280x overclocked, and 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600.

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Good luck!

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Hi /g/

TLDR: audio and guitar software/hardware.

This is the thing. I have a friend who plays the guitar (he tries to earn his life as a guitarist). He wants to make some kind of tiny studio in his house. He's aware of the limitations (space, money...) and so, but wants to make it the best that he can.
He thinks apple makes good at this, as he sees everybody using come mac shit. I'm trying to tell that he can do it better than gettin a mac.
I'm asking for information about software and hardware related with audio, I'm not specting no one to explain me a vast amount of things. If you know where I can found valuable information, please post the link.

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Turning your router off then on will increase the signal according to the inverse square law that is found through out the entire universe. You see the gravitational force on any object is proportional to the wifi frequency given off by the earth. Thus turning your router off causes a slight dis-balance in the gravitational force. You must take the red pill which balances and doubles the gravitational force of the router to earth. Now your wifi is 2 times stronger then before. Don't need to thank me.

>inb4 fake

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I learned a bit of Ruby on Rails development, and even wrote two useless apps. I really want to keep growing, but I don't know what to do next. Is there anything I can help others with using programming skill?

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Whoever rolls 25 tells me what liquid I put in my vape tank and vape with.

Will deliver with timestamp, obviously.

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>tfw it was never installed on the thinkpad line

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