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tfw broke unemployed Haskell programmer

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I am a brainlet who doesn't know what kind of power supply I got but currently I have fx 8320 and 1050 ti. I was thinking about getting new board ram and r5 2600, since 2600 uses less power than fx 8320 I should be safe, right?

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are people going to make fun of me if I learn python as my first programming language

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>bought used mining card (strix 1080ti oc ed)
>its still under warranty
>shit is unstable as fuck and runs hotter than a jet's tailpipe
>gonna try and RMA it
>warranty void if mined
>mfg doesn't know it was used thinks its new

How fucked am I? Original seller obviously won't accept the return but ebay offers a refund if defective.

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>family friend recommends a+
>spend a month studying like hell
>tfw all you guys are saying a+ sucks ass

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Attempting to convert a webm someone posted on /w/ to a Plymouth script so I can use it as a startup animation, and it's tough going.
Plymouth can't natively play videos, so my strategy was to split the webm up into a set of frames and implement a playback loop to swap out frames as need be. Simple enough. Turns out Plymouth only accepts .pngs (libjpeg is not a dependency in Debian and I'm not about to go check if there's a compile-time switch and/or patch Plymouth myself), and spitting out the webbum as a set of pngs at native fps/resolution is a whopping 3GB, which is entirely too large.
I'm attempting to optimize the png set as I type this, and if this doesn't work I'll probably scale down the images a little bit and try again. But this has been way more work than I initially bargained for, /dpt/.
If I make it out of this I'll throw it up on Github somewhere. The basic process is simple enough I can probably make it reusable for anyone wanting to turn a video into a bootsplash animation.

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We don't have a DE that comes closer to Windows 10 than KDE right?
Currently planning a transitional setup for a friend. My choice so far is Kubuntu with some standard Windows looking rice, aiming at a "just werks" feeling. Or are you guys aware of a distro that would be even better suited here?

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I thought the e485/585/a485 are all out now, where are the reviews?

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Would be UK import the best way to get a ThinkPad with ansi layout in the EU, or is there a Dutch, German, France located seller you guys could recommend?
I'm looking for an A485, preferable without windows.

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Is there a guide to setting up MPC-HC/madVR properly anywhere?

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>/g/ scares women
i'm ready to be forever ronery

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work as code monkey since 99. too many horrible experience with software development. which one should i tell?

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Last time I touched UI programming was like 6 years ago. I write T-SQL code most of the time now. Last month I was asked to help my junior. It was UI stuff. I was clumsy af, and my junior laugh at me.

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>mfw this is why i wasnt on wcd
>tfw forever neon

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i-is this real

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But it's true

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can you imagine unironically buying this over the L300LE?

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Hey /g/, the hospital sysadmin guy here.
My plan is to get better bandwidth internet for the hospital, then make subnets and some basic security..
But the Linux firewall is 13 years old and nobody had touched it since. It lets everything in and out but there are some settings still because without it lots of crappy programs die.
The new provider wants a list of the necessary used ports or they won't help.

Any ideas how could I check which ports are these programs(and others) use without going through them 1 by 1? What else should I do?
(hundreds of programs from XP age till today)

The whole system here is "just werkz" tier and I'm sick of it

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>dad walks in
>he sees terminal window open
>"watcha doin son?"

How do you respond?

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Honestly mining cryptos would be better than a fucking cryptolocker. I installed umatrix, updated ublock origin and now its working fine but my machine feels weird, a bit choppier, VirtualBox is using more cpu than normal and something that doesnt appear in either task manager or process explorer with admin rights is using a bit of cpu, not much but brief spikes over 50% are something I dont remember being normal. Browser usage seems fine though. Fuck.

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Those file names make me sick

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>mum made me uninstall minecraft because it was making the computer slow

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