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I've been playing this nord electro for about a year now and I really like it. pictured on top of my baby, I use the keyboard mostly for bass sounds when its set up like this.

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I got a Waldorf Blofeld module thinking I would like synths but turns out I never use the thing. In fact I think its deadly boring. I think part of the problem is that it has a digital UI and the knobs mostly just navigate menus.

I've been playing piano and keyboard for over 20 years I thought I would enjoy anything keyboard related. no offense guys but that shit is so boring to me. Am I missing some critical element that makes synths fun or are they supposed to be dull and lifeless?

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another configuration I like to play a lot

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I'm just jumping in this thread, didn't read any posts so sorry for redundancy.

You'll have a hard time finding weighted keys less than 76ish keys. I agree 88 is too long for keyboards. Pic is my setup, top keyboard is 61 keys and its too short for piano playing, really.

I have an old Korg sp250, bought it new for $700 bucks. they're discontinued now but can be had on ebay for 2-300 USD and are extremely good keyboards. There is a minor keybed issue but its so small you'd probably never encounter it and notice. I'd say a used Korg sp250 is an extremely good buy, I still use it as my main keybed when playing gigs, I midi it up as a slave controller to the Nord in my pic

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