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>MFW we stopped the rollout of 5G in my area
i really just want to take the smartphones away. fuck intelligence agencies and big data.

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>I plan to have the bot scrape twitter, 4chan and Bitcoin forums for fundamental factors

Ah yes, the buy high and sell low philosophy

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>muh survival rate
There was much more than one significant result. In addition to the significant trends, the incidence of heart Schwannomas was increased significantly in male rats exposed to either GSM and CDMA-modulated RF radiation. In addition, the incidences of gliomas plus glial cell hyperplasias and Schwannomas plus Schwann cell hyperplasias (hyperplasias are proliferative preneoplastic lesions) were increased significantly with both GSM and CDMA-modulated RF radiation.

in conclusion, kill yourself 5G discord tranny
enjoy your industry collapse caused by me

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Most people don't want to live near drug fiends. Wherever you live you're going to encounter laws trying to forbid you from making the community become dysfunctional. Whatever private lolbertarian paradise you could run off to you're going to encounter problems with the neighbours.

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This reminds me: I've used privacy focused browsers and was literally unable to post on /pol/ due to Captcha, but when I switched back to Chrome, I was able to post without any trouble.

I guarantee you that you are being tracked especially carefully when you post on /pol/. There was something extremely fishy about Captcha not letting me through when it couldn't trace me

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Hey you stupid nigger, you're probably too dumb to read and understand my post so I'll sum it up for you: You are a stupid retarded nigger, and you have no idea what you're talking about so you parrot shitty FUD articles from the #1 Bitcoin Maximalist website in existence. End your own life.

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>switch to Brave
>Jewgle captcha won't let me post on /pol/


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>tfw use chromium on shitbuntu
>works on my machine

Get more RAM or use a chromebook niggerfaggot

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>implying I do it

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Really? Seems chrome is the fastest way to use internet anyways. I think I would value my time over fighting something impossible to defeat. Whats your problem /g/?

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Whats the matter bitch? Can't handle the google botnet overlord? Web developers are googles bitches now and you are just another cog in the botnet. Now get on your knees loonix baby and give more ad revenue to ranjeet.

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I see we have a captcha slave thinking he has the day off. Best get back to the mines or your secret underage anime girl tits stash gets sent to your employer for review if your not a NEET anyways. Wouldn't want to get fired or have your neetbucks garnished. Now get back to doing those captchas for free smelly low iq animal.

>beep beep
that w

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I still hold $50usd of BAT coins

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I don't have autism

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>tfw I only visit /g/ to disable the weekly spyware by chinkmoot
I am hackerman

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Main rig: Asus GTX 1080ti ROG STRIX OC. $550 for it.

Second rig is running a Gigabyte GTX 1070 Aorus whch I got for $100 but paif half since I had store credit.

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>tfw makes no difference to me as I am gainfully employed

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tell me anon, are you an only child?

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>there is currently no ETA for this product

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believe in urself

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Put some PSU calculator in the OP next time like this one:

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I wasn't actually the original guy, I was merely pretending to be him to get more pics out of you. hee hee

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