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Astounding! You have managed to expend effort creating a non-random string of characters which usually convey meaning, yet your overall comment was ABSOLUTELY POINTLESS! It is as though all of the industries of mankind were operated in reverse, with great will and endeavor being used to convert items of usefulness into worthless bare materials! you are the antithesis of all that is grand and great about mankinds capacity for thought and self-determination. You sir, are the mirror image of a meaningful entity, lower than base matter, lower than oblivion, because unlike the brutish deterministic plasma of the unreasoning cosmos, you CHOSE to be without value or worth. Or in the parlance of thine own ilk: LOL N0 UR GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!11ONE!!!!!ELEVENTY!!!!11!

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Reminder that this is the shit FP fags have to go through daily to get anything done and they all have ptsd from it
(define arity-includes?
(lambda (a i)
(and (>= i (car a))
(or (not (cdr a))
(<= i (cdr a))))))
(define reassoc
(lambda (k v l)
(cons (list k v)
(lambda (l)
(not (eq? (first l) k))) l))))
(define make-class
(lambda vtable
(lambda init-args
(let ((fields (list)))
(lambda args
(if (null? args) (list vtable fields)
(let ((called-arity (length args))
(avtable (assoc (car args) vtable))
(afields (assoc (car args) fields)))
((and avtable
(procedure-arity (car (cdr avtable)))
(apply (car (cdr avtable))
(cons self (cdr args))))
((and afields (= called-arity 1))
(car (cdr afields)))
((= called-arity 2)
(set! fields
(reassoc (car args) (car (cdr args))
fields)) self))
(#t #f))))))))
(begin (apply self (cons (quote init) init-args)) self)))))
(define counter
`(init ,(lambda (self x) (self 'x x)))
`(inc ,(lambda (self) (self 'x (1+ (self 'x)))))
`(get ,(lambda (self) (self 'x)))))
(define x (counter 12))
(display (x 'get))
(x 'inc)
(display (x 'get))
(x 'inc)
(x 'inc)
(display (x 'get))

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>, x
>not *x
>the code he's trying to ill-informedly laugh at for crashing doesn't even crash

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> >>>/

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>his unions aren't either jewish OR ...
>well then what the fuck are you even using unions for

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>a laptop is his laptop

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