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>tanks in the u.s. within months
Where do Applejeets and Valvefats get this idea? The case has like 6 more months before a verdict.

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Any way to tell it to use one network interface (my VPN) when available, but default back to another (my normal one) if now? When I'm torrenting anime etc. I don't give a fuck about starting my VPN, and I don't feel like going into options every time to switch it back, then back to VPN when I'm downloading something that might get the MPAA uppity.

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send wallpaper please

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Do Linuxtards with their tiny marketshare (especially for production and gaming) really think Nvidia gives a shit about them? They should be glad Nvidia dedicates any time whatsoever to Linux.

Them thinking they can give ultimatums is the definition of hubris.

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>switch from OpenVPN to WG
>much faster and just all around better
>can't change IP by disconnecting and reconnecting
This obviously is desirable on certain websites, is there any way to make WG acquire a new IP when reconnecting? I assume the fact that it uses the same IP is intentional and probably part of the reason you can turn it on and off 8 times in the span of time it took OpenVPN to connect once.

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Ok so clear this up for me:
How is it not going to be massively more expensive to send this shit up than just improving ground infrastructure? There will have to be either a lot of satellites or they'll have to be really big to handle all the traffic, have you ever seen the size of a datacenter? So you'll need either a tonne of them, or very expensive big ones. Supposedly they burn up in the atmosphere after 1-5 years? So on average they will have to be replaced every 3 years. How is that not going to be very expensive?

Also what happens when it's cloudy or worse? Massive packet loss?

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Why would anyone ever use Unity? If you want a game engine, why the fuck wouldn't you pick Unreal?
>miles better tools
>source access
Only case I can think of is 2D.

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Where's the lie

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Is there a free equivalent of Stardock's Fences, or should I pirate it?

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>on W10 LTSC
>game won't start
>people saying I need Windows Media Feature (AKA Windows Media Player, probably)
>go into install optional Windows features
>it's not there
Is it because I'm on LTSC? How do I get my hands on it?

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>No, and will never. Wait for LTSC 2022.
Is this just a way to tell people pestering the thread for this to fuck off, or will they really take until 2022 to add that to LTSC? How much difference does it make anyway?

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Are there any decent OLED monitors that aren't 35"+?

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Buying a new PC soon-ish, but in the meantime I really need a new SSD, I'm sitting on an old OCZ 128gb from 2012 or so.
Requirements are:
>SATA (current PC is too old for NVME)
>512GB or higher
>fast enough to do some (light) work on (Houdini, assorted productivity)
>ideally cheap
Once I get my new PC I'll chuck this in as secondary drive, so no cheap chinkshit that breaks in 2 years.

Currently eyeing a Samsung 860 EVO, 512GB or 1TB variants. Is there anything else I should consider around that size and pricepoint?

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Why are Americans so goddamn servile?

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More importantly, what happens when we hit quantum fuckery? At this rate we'll hit it this decade, then what?

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Okay, so Twitter should allow radical islam contents because it has ‘monopoly’ on the Internet and it shouldn’t discriminate speech right?

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Does anyone honestly give a shit about security vulnerabilities aside from drones, schizos, and actual enterprise? Most of them require way more access than anyone will normally have to your desktop.

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I keep hearing about TLC and QLC being shit, so what are some drives that aren't? Disregarding price (within reason). Pretty sure I've seen someone go
about even higher end NVME drives.

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Why would Nvidia care? It gets beaten by Super and barely matches the normal 2000 series, and you have to be delusional if you think anyone will pick a AMD card over an Nvidia one at the same price, or even somewhat cheaper.

AMD has to start delivering better performance at 100$ or more less if they want anyone to buy their GPUs.

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You only play a shitty dumbed down console shooter?

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>gonna buy a new PC soon
>everything is obvious except the screen
>will be doing VFX work so it needs to be accurate not just gayman
Fuck do I do? Get two screens? Going to be hard to find a good gayman monitor that also has the color accuracy for productivity unless I want to pay as much as the whole PC for the monitor alone.

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So what happens in 30 years when US and Europe are stuck with cuck panels and windmills that can't come close to filling energy demands resulting in $1/kWh (or more) while China and Russia have almost free energy from 4th gen reactors?

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Any good shit shown at Computex regarding monitors? I just want a 1440p 144hz 10bit IPS (ideally with mini/micro LED backlight). Fucking hate these normalfag subhumans forcing the 4k meme so all monitors that would fit the bill must be 4k therefore they drop refresh rate or something else.

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Ok lads I am gonna get LTSC, but how do I make sure I get a proper image? I don't trust the people selling the keys when it comes to providing the image, and MS seems to give out specific trial images (likely to stop precisely what I am doing).

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