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>moar cores!
tell that to this guy >>72972103

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Replace AMD with Huawei and Cores with Cameras

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Someone out there probably already benchmarked the 7551 it's been out for a while.
But we can do a little weird and shitty exercise of a hypothetical scenario where we are in some sort of perfect environment and the only difference between both are the clocks and core number because you said it scales perfectly, etc etc.
Let's say in our fictional scenario we can do 50 instructions per clock.

The threadripper was OC'ed to 4ghz while the epyc is only using it's turbo (the max turbo on all cores is 2.55ghz for the 7551)
Also I'm going to use 1ghz as 1 unit because else this shit will be way too big of a number for a silly example.

so the hypothetical shitty math would be something like:
>threads * (clock * instructions per clock) = magical number which indicates the performance we want.

32 * (4 * 50) = 6400
>Epyc 7551
64 * (2.55 * 50) = 8160

As you can see the lower clock guy still won because he just had moar cores.
Took me a little while to make this stupid example with shitty math that's totally not a real world example in any form way or shape, hope it helps, anon.

pic related, oldie but goodie and in this application it is actually good.

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I need all the cores.
Every single core.

The budget is 5K, already have the peripherals and Integrated graphics or some low-end shit will be fine. 16GB of RAM. Will sacrifice clock speed for moar core.

What the hell am I doing for processors? IOs there multiple socket boards?

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