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>C-S-backspace C-y
How simple

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Is it worth it to go for the X570 rather than a B550 for the PCIe 4.0 support for the RTX 3000 GPUs?
I wonder if that is going to relevant tommorow for Zen 3 and Big Navi.

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mfw i never realized that image names on 4chan are actually the unix timestamp of when they were uploaded

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why would I build something for someone that will never exist?

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Honestly I don't really get the "Linux is more secure" meme, Windows 10 is definitely more secure than the average Linux distro. Linux only has the advantage when it comes to privacy.
Unless we're talking strictly about total tech retards who fall for docx macro email shit, Windows is more secure out of the box and can be hardened pretty well without any effort.

If you're a literal nigger who falls for email docx macro scams, then maybe switching to Linux may protect you from those scripts, but on W10, Defender can catch the vast majority of those and has built in protection against ransomware. On Linux you could theoretically get infected and never ever realize it unless you're tech savvy or run ClamAV or some other clunky shit like that. The average normie would never do that, and someone like me would never get infected in the first place so this point is moot.
>repository vs downloading exes
Another moot point, unless you're a literal nigger you'll never install a malicious exe, and even then WD would probably catch it anyway.
>sudo vs uac
It's literally the same shit. And it's not true that in Windows you can't have it ask for a password, all you need is two accounts.
Windows has more elaborate permissions than Linux.
The Windows Firewall is better than whatever is built into most linux distros. Even with gufw, you can't lock specific apps from going online, you can do this in Windows easily.
As of today I still don't get how to get full disk encryption in Linux. Some distros allow you to encrypt your home, but doing it post-install is a bitch, it also breaks hibernate and other things. Bitlocker is easy as fuck to use and can be done post-install, and doesn't break anything.

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u so deep zoomzoom pepe_think.tiff

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> tfw google rapes you but you like it
just buy a pass man, it's less than you spent on vending machine panties this year
> reddit spacing
you need to go back
Anon is right, it's a fine line to walk, plenty of privacy settings unironically make you stand out more. For instance Do Not Track is definitely used to track you and you should not turn it on to appear more normal. People should be watching out for JA3 fingerprinting also, it's evil as fuck.

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> Hitman accusation entirely falsified
> Left dangling in court for years
> Withdrawn years later without a single chance of reply from the defendant.
> Glowie disinformation campaign entirely straight out the textbook for this stuff.
> All of it staged by the FBI using a fucking junkie and his wife.
> Same FBI tards who set up the "sting" went to jail also for stealing shitloads of bitcoin supposedly used in the "assassination"
> Literally no proof besides the confiscated computer and the govt refuses to provide the data to journalists
> Literally did nothing wrong besides letting people buy drugs on the internet safely without dealing with Jamals
> Saved thousands of lives
Glow harder faggot, also kys.

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>diversity hires
>80% of tech companies' SWE workforce is white and asian males

I'm somehow missing all these blue-haired trannies that, according to /g/, should be everywhere in software development. Maybe "diversity hiring" is overblown PR grandstanding by most companies, and they're continuing to hire based on resumes and technical screens?

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brainlet here, how do you expect me to understand without providing a graph?

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Why can't manufacturers make a rotating heat sink like that image

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>Anything ASRock.
why the hell would I get anything Asrock after how much they fucked up with B450 VRMs? (compairing to MSI for example) >>71771636
And I like ASRock for my Z87 that still goes strong

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Actually, I don't know. Is there anything important in GIMP that isn't there in Kirta yet?

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hahaha holy shit micro$haft in charge of ANYTHING

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Just curious but what exactly about them couldn't you not really understand or relate to? I've heard Japanese women, and East Asian women in general, tend to have an attitude towards dating / marriage / gender roles that many western guys would find unappealing if they weren't used to it. Do you think this was something specific to Japan or is present in East Asia in general? I feel like women have their appealing and unappealing traits around the world. The only thing that changes is are the specifics of those qualities.

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>pacman -Syu
>one update

How did this ancient thing get an update? Checked gnus website and their source code viewer only lists 3 html files?

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>C is incompatible with any language with real arrays and strings

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>not being able to code
>being able to even take part in the society of the future

how does one reconcile these statements ?

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>mfw this thread
no wonder neo-/g/ is shit.

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is there any drawbacks to disabling updates on windows 10 completely?
is there anything i should do on a fresh copy of windows 10 besides deleting bloatware and disabling updates?
not legit version btw.

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>He's surprisingly lacking in knowledge about Linux. Even a pleb like myself finds him to get tons of shit wrong.

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And everyone else is on Facebook, which happens to be their product.

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