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Nice! You're a good oniisan, OP. You can find many channels in youtube that teach you how to draw or paint with krita. I would recommend David Revoy's channel:
There are many other artists on the platform that surely will inspire her to keep drawing.

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>what would happen to the PC computing landscape if Microsoft disappeared overnight?
There would no longer be a PC computing landscape or even a computing landscape of any kind for years. The world descends into chaos as thousands of companies no longer have computers and go out of business, plunging the world into an era of techno dark ages where the only people who still have access to computers are NEETs who never leave their basement and would rather jerk it to their hoarded loli collection than leave their NEET cave to get a job.

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We get anime

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Does windows file explorer itself have a file extension and name?

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How do i learn BASIC in depth?

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anime website

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>he fell for the loonix meme

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>mfw went to a PC recycler and they had a whole basket of brand new 50c earbuds from corporate smartphones that nobody used
>i shopped there often so they let me have them for 25c each
>grabbed half the basked and now have enough to last me the rest of my life

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Is there a website like newgrownds where people that make their own BASIC programs?

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