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>how does supply and demand work?

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literally everyone
are you merely pretending?

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ah yes, Google's control over Windows is the stuff of legend

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Thanks for the reassurance daddy.

>no urls in the code
Is there some easy way you looked through all or most of it for this?

>also learn to monitor your network traffic
How to do? Sorry im a brainlet

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I'm a linux guy but I'm trying out windows because there is some drawfag software i need for a fringe case. I didnt want to buy it because I will barely use it. After installing it windows defender alerted me about vurnurabilities. I figured this cracked copy is loaded with trojans and,keyloggers. So i ran malware bytes and quarantined a bunch if shit. After i restarted muh compooter malware bytes alerted me of more shit. So then I figured, fuck it ill use a linux livecd and ran clamav. It caught 4 exe files malware bytes missed. After that I restarted windows and malware bytes didnt report anything. Do you think i managed,to clean this cracked windows install. Any other steps I should take to ensure Ivan isnt spying on my doujin reading habits? Thank you in advanced

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>sudo pacman -R pacman

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Since this is now a stupid questions thread i have one that i’ve been needing an answer to: If i uninstall the driver for my integrated webcam, can someone hack into my device and still use it? And if so, how if the OS can’t recognize the device?

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true. I bet you cant even play games on linux. or even run a web server

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>Using a ubishit game to prove this assertion

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Thanks for that fucking useless information.

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that is a good question, i also want to know this.
>does it have to do something with the overall frequency response throughout the phase?
driver distortion?
>what about closed vs open headphones?
>sounds bouncing or maybe amplifying inside the ear cups...
>driver matching?
>left might have slight differences than the right channel?
>can you see expected soundstage in messurement graphs?
>what about amplifier matching?
>does distance between driver and ear have something to do with soundstage?
>but people have different ears....
>sips monster sugar free

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Why do people hate Java but love C# when they're highly identical?

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>tfw you start reading 'The Hacker's Delight' and realize that all of this shit is probably handled by your compiler

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>applied to become information and communication technologies engineer and an electrical engineer.
>went to only 1 admission exam because i was sure i wanted to become information and communication technologies engineer.
>apparently went to the wrong exam and got accepted.
>going to school for 4 years to become electrical engineer.

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>windowsniggers think it's possible to turn off spying on a closed system

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>Keep getting a stack overflow exception
>Spend an hour trying to figure out why
>Fiddling with code
>Googling shit
>Still can't figure it out
>Suddenly realize I'm accidentally calling a method from within its own body and that was the only problem
>Wasted a whole hour for no reason

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The app is the only way to get those good boy points so even I was using
Fuck me, back to Jack Mommy it is

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for what fucking reason

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>just do it yourself bro lol
>actually spending time to learn the java+android abomination
that's what we have you pajeets for. You are to work for free on this little convenience while we do actual important work that benefits the community or the whole of humanity

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>Wangblows Macroshit 10
Her deeer my niggernet explorer is using one huuuundroood precent of mah 20 RMP hooorddrive

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>goes into a minimalism thread
>complains about minimalism

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