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why would soul calibur 2 be difficult to run?

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>wikipedia won't let me host my consumer reviews of transient web services with no tangible impact on human history or knowledge, they're literally burning books!

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>caring about the devs rather than the software

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>SUV is a car for tiny women
it's a medium not a genre, don't be an ignorant retard

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>didn't use VPN to glue some cold storage to a brick wall

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>read/write are at 100%.
>Turn wifi off.
>It goes back to normal levels rather quickly.

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>Two more years before Intel's 10nm.
Could have sworn I heard that 4 years ago

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>streaming music
>not just pirating or using physical media

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why are people spazzing over this? doesn't intel cpus basically have an NSA backdoor in every chip?

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>Shit talks Windows on a chinese telemarketing forum
>still uses it daily because he is incapable of learning a different OS

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>my perfectly functioning video player doesn't recieve updates so I need to stop using it RIGHT NOW
People actually have this mentality?

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why do anti-mactards and OS fanboys in general seem to pride themselves on being too stupid and tech literate to learn how to use an operating system other than the one they've imprinted on?

it's like listening to wintards bitch about the terminal and GNU cucks shit themselves at the prospect of patching uxtheme, they're just too fucking slow or dumb to understand it so they primally screech at it and cover /g/ in their fecal blogs

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What the fuck? So nobody should be able to sell the product THEY made just because he's so fucking paranoid about being identified up to a point where he doesn't trust anyone?

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I've been waiting since early 2016 and when the rx480 dropped it was slower than my 390x

WTF are ayymd doing they can't even beat their own cards anymore and vega is fiji 2.0 but fucking almost 2 years late.

Hbm2 is a meme for gaming it was proved last time round.

I guess amd could get lucky with the button mining boom which I reckon Vega will be good at.

For the mean time I need a GPU that actually doesn't suck in99% of games not some special snowflake that needs dx12 and vulkan to perform like it should.

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you're a nobody

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What the fuck are you saying?
>Ubuntu Touch
>root linux kali on it
Holy shit you're retarded.

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>legit tech board
Dude, this is a board for anime fans that also have an interest in tech. The average guy on /g/ is some poorfag, using Linux, and measures dicks by which 'hard' to install distro they use.

I'm not here to discuss real tech, I'm here for my daily dose of memes and to anger some fatass halfway across the world by telling him Windows are for gamerfags, macs are for dumbfags, and Linux is for poorfags.

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Why do people make diving gear on land when most diving takes place underwater because I really want to kown?

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>I'm a phoneposting down syndromite who thinks everything is iOS
Here's another gem for your nigger collection.

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>official AB recruitment
>open application tracker

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