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>wants a fine tuned system without understanding operating system
>complains about bloat
Take a long walk on a short pier

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.NET Core hands down

1) It is the fastest VM when it comes to raw speed even though C#'s IL compiler is not an optimising compiler like javac

2) ASP Core, a full-stack framework that is python tier easy to use and setup, build on top of reflection with extreme levels of comfiness provided by model bindings, razor pages, custom analysers, etc... is standing next to micro-frameworks and optimised experimental web tech (that don't even have 1/10 its features) with regards to performance and it is getting better with every version
It is also incredibly easy to make docker images out of your website and you don't have to worry about it crashing because of memory constraints like with the JVM

3) The VM is better designed and is not language specific under the hood like the JVM
4) Its projects (CLR, class library, compilers) are fully open source MIT licensed with ECMA standards. No $$ for VM flags, license exceptions, patents, lawsuits, GPL cuckery.
Just clone the git repo (no Mercurial shit) and run the build script.
5) Can be used to easily create a large variety of software like games, IoT, webshit, GUI.
6) It has incredible tooling like VS which arguably has the best code completion(even AI driven), keyboard shortcuts, memory use. Though it is not used to autogen boilerplate like Java IDEs
7) .NET Core CLI tools are incredibly easy to install and use. creating, building, adding packages..etc can all be done using one command each with no need for extra tooling.
8) nuget is basically autonomous. You just have to add a package and never worry again. It is also lightweight unlike gradle bloat and its configs are better designed and more powerful than maven's
9) .NET is not lacking in jobs. It has about 53K job postings vs 65K for Java so you can get both quality and quantity.

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is there a reason why intel avoids some numbers (especially the even ones) for its iX series of processors?
i3 i5 i7 i9
where's i1 i2 i4 i6 i8?

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On GNU+Linux things can go wrong especially GUI shit.
(are you surprised? GNU+Linux is a server OS and GUIs+audio+graphic cards are not the top priorities of the developers)

1) The thing is it can heal itself.
For example if cinnamon fuck itself it will change looks and give you
>Cinnamon fucked itself and needs to be restarted do you want to restart cinnamon?
You can still use it however a lot of functionality is lost.
If you restart 80% of the time it will not even change the place where your window(GUI) is and everything works.

not to mention other applications are untouched.

So at worst you lost 1s and clicking a "restart now" button.
Only the computer did not need to power down.
Or the OS shut down.

2) Even if some GUI fucks itself beyond help its not a problem for the rest of the system.

for example you can log into a different TTY and literary start another graphical session to literally use GUI tools.
This error is localized to one user or one TTY (has windows ever TTYs?)(Do you even know what a TTY is?).
Its rare and you really need to know what you are doing to fuck the system into a unrecoverable state(keep on typing these console commands).
So every normie will not fuck it in this way.
And you power user learned why changing ~ to be /dev/null is a terrible idea.

With this told I did never have a a kernel panic in any linux.
Sure I messed it up however its more of my own action (changing ~ to be /dev/null) mixed with the fact that GNU has ZERO safeguards and if you tell it to
rm -Rf /
it will do it.

3) You seam to forget the main reason why people run GNU+Linux and not Windows and its the fact that Windows 10 is literally a terrorist who will shut down the computer to install updates.

Its a terrorist peace of spyware shit!

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