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>Huawei is absolutely huge, I highly doubt that the US sanctions had a big enough impact on how many wafers they order from TSMC
anon, didnt you read the news? i carefully phrased it that way because obviously i could be very wrong and huawei get their chips but i have reasonable doubt now that TSMC strenghend ties with the US and literally announced they will build fabs on american soil.
>inb4 muh verge is no sauce

>It would be cool to get 5nm+ next year, but it makes no business sense to essentially throw away a product line that offers >15% performance improvement over your last gen
i mean sure but as longer i think about it the more likely would the move to 5nm for MOBILE, a insanely huge market as other anons pointed out, be. why would Lisa Su straight up delect that rumor and talk about mobile?
>She stated that new nodes usually start with mobile processors as these are easier to manufacture
very suspect
furthermore, console APU's could very well be build on 7nm (with EUV) as would be rDNA2. meanwhile Renoir is running strong on a matured nonEUV 7nm node. Matisse refresh coming on that same matured node, so why would AMD launch a Zen2 refresh when Zen3 apparently was scheduled for Q3/maybe Q4?

like i said, i'm probably wrong and just connect dots with lots of wishful thinking

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