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i know (you) probably meant the OMG math guy but i cant seem to find it.

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the problem is getting worse almost exponentially
this is why so many companies have several steps of automated screening before you even get a phone interview. there are just overwhelming numbers of people who have no idea what they are applying for just signing up for snr dev positions

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Men are shit programmers too.

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see >>84607115

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Let's be most honest, most of /g/ cannot even do a basic FizzBuzz or other trivial interview questions. pic related

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if you are worried about being the worst programmer that applied for the job, read this. its worth it

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We used to have these threads a lot more frequently on /g/.

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Bye bye

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A mixture of being bored, dicking around to better my programming skills and wonder if I'm as retarded as the people in pic related (answer is: At least kinda).

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Sorry, accidentally uploaded the wrong low-res preview, this is the correct img

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Found this while sorting my web dev folder.
After finding a job I also realized there's a lot of clueless people in this field.

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this 1?

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did you stop reading at the end of quoted sentence?
the fizzbuzz challenge isn't about getting a 'best answer'. It's about getting an answer at all. It's about managing to get a 80% correct answer, or a halfway correct answer, or about being able to write something that at least isn't complete nonsense or not even resembling a programming language.
He's not talking about filtering out people who need to massage their code for a bit. He's talking about people who can't code at all. And it's really popular, thanks to this article, to ask questions like this now. And unless the interviewer is a brainlet, the question isn't going to be literally fizzbuzz. The point is to *dodge* memorization. To *require* the person to actually think and produce new code.
pic related.

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I have something for this.
It's pretty goddamn fantastic.

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Try it and find out.

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