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im still picking up new langs but im om the verge of my first official projects
3 months for 3 langs, feels good as fuck
still have plenty i need to figure out and memorize but its only been getting easier

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>C stands for cunny
At last I can see

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What phones are the most secure/have the least spyware bullshit?
>inb4 flip phone

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The struggle.

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Does no-one have any ideas, is there some reason an fstab bind mount behaves differently to a mount --bind?

Example of one of the binds in my fstab that works but is not visible over nfs until I unmount and remount it.

/mnt/data/files /mnt/data/shares/nfs/files none bind 0 0

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>What are you working on, /g/?
Hello world, of course

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just learning graphs. what the fuck is up with adjacency matrices? all the implementations i can see use fixed size matrices. how the fuck? what is the point of this structure if it doesn't scale dynamically

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Guys, I'm super depressed right now. I finished school, got my CompTIA A+ and Network +, yet still no job.
I freaking applied for every position I can. If I don't get a job soon, I'm going to seriously consider ending my life.

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any good media box that supports kodi for streaming 4k from local NAS and doesnt come with microphones and cameras everywhere like the new xiaomi one

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They're gay.

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>Looking to this shitty cesspool of website for advice
Do you not have friends, possibly teachers to speak to faggot?

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Pedo website

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I got a old laptop laying around, and want to slap a linux on it. Recommended me some edgy or animue distribution.

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Come on bros help me out

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should I get e480 with I5 or e485 with ryzen I found them for really good price

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Haskell Anon, how would I combine the iteration in my two list monads into one?
{-#LANGUAGE PartialTypeSignatures#-}
module Solution where

import Data.List.Split
import Control.Monad
import Data.Function
import Text.Printf
import Data.List

type Coords = (Int, Int)

main :: IO()
main = mapM_ (input >>=) [
printf "part 1: %d\n".enclosed,
printf "part 2: %d\n".adjacent]

input :: IO [Coords]
input = map (pair.parse).lines<$>readFile "input.txt"
where pair [a,b] = (a,b); parse = map read.splitOn ","

enclosed :: [Coords] -> Int
enclosed points = maximum.assemble'$ do
ys <- range snd points; xs <- range fst points
let table = distance' (xs, ys) <$> points
let (val, key) = minimumBy (on compare fst) table
guard (count (map fst table) val == 1)
return key

adjacent :: [Coords] -> Int
adjacent points = length [1 |
ys <- range snd points, xs <- range fst points,
(sum $distance (xs, ys) <$> points) < 10000]

distance :: Coords -> Coords -> Int
distance (x1,y1) (x,y) = on (+) abs (x1-x) (y1-y)

distance' :: Coords -> Coords -> (Int, Coords)
distance' a b = (distance a b, b)

assemble' :: Eq a => [a] -> [Int]
assemble' xs = count xs <$> nub xs

range :: (Coords -> Int) -> [Coords] -> [Int]
range f xs = [minimum ys..maximum ys-1]
where ys = map f xs

count :: Eq a => [a] -> a -> Int
count xs x = length $filter (== x) xs

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I'm buying the 3 bois, hope I don't regret it

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>Entire country doesn't know how to count
>Look a 1000 millions is a billion :^)
>And a 1000 billions is a trillion :^)

Mfw this retarded niggers claim to be richer because they call a billion a trillion

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>implying I will install the intel patch

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Use the new captcha, the legacy one won't work for new threads. Fucking gookmoot.

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GTK is trash but looks better on most Linux themes, Qt is 1000 times better but looks slightly worse. Pick your poison.

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So this is Taiwan's version of 4chan and the 4th link from the very top is the Anime Board.

Be warned though. They have way too many boards, even more than 2chan and 4chan that even I get tired from clicking every board to see what the fuck is it about.

Thank god, their anime board is at the very top.


However, I don't know any Chinese to know which board on Komica is for torrent discussion so I don't know if making a nyaa alternative thread on their anime board would be appropriate or not.

There is just too many boards and I don't know any Chinese to know which board is best to garner the best Taiwanese feedback for Pantsu.

Like the complaints they have about Pantsu from Taiwan for example.

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>wants to shitpost
>doesn't want to get called a shill when your post disagrees with the majority
really maek me tihnk

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