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Recommend me good book about MySQL, guys.

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>learning web development
>have to choose a database between mysql and postgres
>choose mysql because dolphin

how many people did this?

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I think I'm doing databases wrong.

I have a pretty big Java project I'm working on and now that I'm at the part where I have to start storing shit in a sql database, my whole workflow got fucked up.

Do I actually have to create a fucking connection to the database, create a prepared statement, interpret the resultset, close the resultset, close the prepared statement, close the connection every time want to do anything with the database?

I want to keep my Model stuff separated from my Database stuff so do I really have to make a separate database class for every Model class, painstakingly explaining how to convert this Java object into it's relational parts in the database and the other way around?

Not even to start about all the stuff I have to think about when I want to make a small change to some object and have to change a gazillion things in relationship tables.

How do people do this shit? Am I missing something? I'm lost.

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Can somebody help me out? I'm sitting in school at trying to make my MySQL workbench work. For some reason, the password to my /root/ is "expired" or not working. I know for a fact, that I didn't put some weird/unusual password, but I've tried eveything and it still says my password is incorrect.

How to either reset the MySQL password or completely remove MySQL from a MacBook? (Max OS X Yosemite). I've tried eveything I could find on google, trying to remove it through terminal - still doesn't work when I re-install MySQL Workbench - it keeps asking for that god damn password which I can't figure.

tl;dr Anyone knows a clean and easy way to remove MySQL on a MacBook? Or at least reset the password to root?

Thanks a bunch guys.

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How should I learn MySQL?
Physical Books? Online guide? Other methods?

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>using mysql

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What are the advantages/disadvantages of different types of databases?

Which do you use? Which do you think is the best?

Pic related, looking for a possible alternative.

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Hey i know ill probably get my shit kicked in for asking this but "What problems surface when multiple SQL Database servers coexist in an environment?"

my professor is asking this and in his slides he didnt discuss problems with having multiple SQL servers, kinda hit a brick wall here.

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i'm going to sqlite

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