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>tfw have FX 8320

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A 6D oven to gas jews would be pretty useful.

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Are there any 13"-14" notebooks with discrete graphics other than the Alienware 13 and Razer Blade?

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>own a small business
>have a promotion going this weekend through the local newspaper's website where you can buy a $25 gift certificate for our place for $12.50
>ad in the paper clearly states that it's online only
>have had five or six old geriatric fucks come in wanting to buy the gift certificates
>tell them it's online only
>show them a copy of the ad where it clearly states that it's online only
>half of them have completely flown off the handle, yelling at me and my employees, claiming that they don't have a computer and that this is a form of discrimination
>mfw retail
>mfw owning a retail business

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>work as sales representative
>on the road five days a week
>ask /g/ for gaming laptop recommendations
>get called a faggot and told to build a desktop
>fashion a backpack out of rope and duct tape for the tower and monitor to take with me on the road
>walk into hotel with it on my back
>go to check in
>everyone pointing nervously at me
>hear someone yell "He has a bomb!"
>get tackled by manager
>the corner of the case lands on my spine, severing it
>quadriplegic now

thanks /g/

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Why does 4chan X work on every board for me except /v/?

Every time I try to post it times out and gives me an error.

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1. Lenovo's website says that only the built in Windows 8 drivers are necessary for Windows 8. I may be writing them.
2. The Windows 7 drivers don't appear to do anything.

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