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The only spike I'm seeing is my CPU being used more compared to my win7 partition. I have an r9 290.

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It means if you were on windows 10 now, you would have dx12 because it's using GCN. You'll have to wait for Vulkan.

>Which AMD graphics products can fully support Windows® 10?

>The following AMD GPU/APU products fully support DirectX® 12 and will provide the complete Windows® 10 experience:

AMD Radeon™ R9 Series graphics
AMD Radeon™ R7 Series graphics
AMD Radeon™ R5 240 graphics
AMD Radeon™ HD 8000 Series graphics for OEM systems (HD 8570 and up)
AMD Radeon™ HD 8000M Series graphics for notebooks
AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 Series graphics (HD 7730 and up)
AMD Radeon™ HD 7000M Series graphics for notebooks (HD 7730M and up)
AMD A4/A6/A8/A10-7000 Series APUs
AMD A6/A8/A10 PRO-7000 Series APUs
AMD E1/A4/A10 Micro-6000 Series APUs
AMD E1/E2/A4/A6/A8-6000 Series APUs

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Overpriced motherboard unless you really need the feature set it offers. CAS latency on that ram better be 9 or 10. 980ti, not 980. Fractal cases are decent. Semi-modular PSU? Go full modular and add another 100W.

Don't buy Windows.

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