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It doesn't matter how much you overclock it, retard. It's still a piece of shit. And keep in mind that even the 7700K is a piece of shit by today's standards. An i5 is now a 6c12t part with a 4.5GHz out of the box boost and a guaranteed 5GHz overclock. It crushes your poorfag chip several times over.

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Yes, including when you overclock the hell out of it. A stock 2600K is faster in most workloads. Don't even pretend you do anything more important than gaming on your system if you're still using a 2500K either.

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Lmao. You're delusional as fuck.
Even the 7600k bottlenecks the fuck out of tons of games.

Ryzen is easy to cool, especially the 6 cores and lower, so almost anything works.
H7 for value. Gammaxx for cheaper.
Just get what you like, really.

1920x or 1950x on sale, then upgrading when 7nm comes, would be good then.

Corsair AIOs are shit.
You aren't doing anything that makes use of the NVMeme, so get something else or reuse your current SSD.
Vega56 would be better if you don't already have monitor bought, or just in general really if you feel like tweaking it to get the most out of it.
Rest looks fine.

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In the USA, new? Vega56 @ $500 seems to be the best price:performance unless you only play heavily, heavily Nvidia favored games.
But if you only play 1080p and don't use DSR/VSR/resolution-scale, RX570s have been near $200 at points making them the best price:performance.

My suggestion though is that even at 1080p, you should be using virtual super resolution or resolution-scale. It renders the game at higher resolution then down samples it which looks a lot better, especially in newer games with shitty anti aliasing.

You will bottleneck even an RX570 in a lot of newer games. That CPU can't consistently stay above 60fps minimum unless, maybe, you seriously trim down your OS and what's running on your computer to make it a glorified console.

Do you really not notice any stuttering, hitching, or frame drops? I noticed them with my 7970+2500k the past 3 years and your GPU isn't much worse.

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>4c/4t is all you need
>38 fps is enough!
>don't buy Ryzen because 90fps is not enough! But 38 fps is enough when it's intel!
dumb shill. Leave this board.

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Or you can buy a 6 or 8 core today and you wont have any issues for a while
5+ year old CPUs are working well today
Ryzen 1600 or 1700 will be working fine in 4 years

Notice the 2600k @ stock

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Reminder 2500k is still a reasonable CPU for gaming
Not 10 years old but still very old considering CPU tech.
Compare a 2500k to something that came out 7~ years prior and check the results. Intel has been a asleep at the wheel for a long time and killed moores law as a result

Check out the stock clocked 2600k in this


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you'd need a motherboard and memory too. if you have those already then chances are you have a 2500k or better already.

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>he fell for the i5 meme
>B-b-but /v/ told me games don't use Hyperthreading!!!

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