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MacOS Aqua

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Extra RAM and broadcom wifi card arrived. time to hackintosh my x220

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You can run macOS on a Thinkpad.

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Yeah, yeah.
Have this and get triggered.

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>saving $100 a month on a laptop computer

Or you could buy a chinkpad off of ebay for $150 every three or four years and use the money you "saved" for shit that actually matters.

At the end of the day it's just a fucking laptop. No need to spend your life savings on one.

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Is there a laptop on the market that can be used as a 100% functional hackintosh? I'm stuck with OS X for work but am loathe to buy another apple laptop.

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Want to make a hackintosh, but cannot find a ISO for 10.6 and i dont want to buy a retail DVD for something i dont even know if it will work.

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>hackintosh is best of both worlds
I don't get it why would anyone waste hardware to run a locked deep into Apple ecosystem dumbed down insecure version of *nix that will never utilize it to the max due to limited shitty old drivers, obsolete OpenGL, rotting file system and the whole architectural mess OS X was built upon. Hackintosh fucking blows.

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why does using mac os piss me off so much
why don't apps fucking close when i close them
why do i always have forty windows whenever i use mac os
why doesn't the "assign to desktop" function in the dock not fucking work
why does chrome randomly make me switch desktops
why is there no way to lock the computer without sleeping or shutting down
why is even the simplest mac os utility at least $20 and then $15 for an upgrade that comes out every three months
why do people shit on windows' lack of package management when installing apps on mac os is literally just dragging to the applications folder and uninstalling them requires thirteen fucking steps of cleaning out shit in /Library/Application Support/Go Fuck Yourself
why is it fucking impossible to create a shortcut to launch a program with an argument. even windows can do this.
why is it that you can't press the fucking delete button to delete anything
why is it that .ds_store files are everywhere
why is it that the "reopen windows when logging back in" checkbox doesn't do anything
why is there no window management whatsoever other than showing all the windows with a purty background
why do desktops randomly re-arrange themselves
why do apps randomly teleport from one desktop from another
why does mac os have ntfs support but has not once mounted an ntfs partition in read/write for the seven years i've used the os
why did i have to use a shell script to create an installation .iso file of mavericks
why is safari such a piece of shit that doesn't even have consistent zoom support
why do people even think this os is good

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Anyone here made their Thinkpad into a Hackintosh?

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