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Should i get a X570 mobo to go along with a 3700X or is it a waste of money?

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>Just found out the other day there are people who don't have inner monologues
What the fuck

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>tfw you wanna save this pasta in your chinkphone but can't for fear of getting included on their watchlist
thanks for the phone recommendation /sino-phone general/

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Clean it then switch to the steel series master race

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>Started using quantum when it came out
>Months later it starts to shit itself and have terrible performance overall

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Will a 144hz monitor make any difference over a 60hz one if i can barely get games to 60fps on my rig?

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so i have an i5 4460 in my current computer (pre built)
should i/can i use it for a future build or should i just get a ryzen 5

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Why is it?

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Do you retards not get sarcasm, or am I the retard?

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>Uses taskbar in vertical mode.
>Speaking about waste of space.

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