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>be MAM staff
>PM user for invites
>ban him in panic when he tells

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show me the car fax

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>convert data files to audible mp3
>connect an audio recorder to the headphone jack
>record the data and take your recorder home
>play back the recorder data, convert it back to your data

If anyone asks, it's mongolian throat singing

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So I'm trying to do dual boot Arch linux and win 8.1. I've my windows installed on ssd. Now I'm trying to install arch linux on hard disk. Is the process same for me as typical dual boot installation?

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>mfw nvshills will literally become jews to protect their overlords shekels, what a fantastic goy

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I'll post my website if you post yours.

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It's "Jiff" faggot, even the creators say so.

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There's always.....


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As the guy's conversation with the Samsung rep showed, the entire point of disabling Windows Update was to get the latest Samsung drivers onto the laptop.
How would you use your laptop with a virgin Windows install to its fullest ability without Samsung's malware?

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>be me 23 y/o male
>tries dabbling in /g/
>works on tugboat with 6 other dudes over the age of 45
>acquires 16 mb SD card
>listed as mb very unclearly in btm right corner
>asks Coworkers to to give me moar videos that were funny years ago
>trunk monkey
>offers SD card
>coworkers try to ctrl c and ctrl v on company computers
>they run out of space
>they ask me for help, tell them it is there computers fault
>tell them I'm bad with computers call company IT
>they spend 6 hours trying to talk to IT to transfer trunk monkey on a 16 mb SD card on company time

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what can i say, i'm full of memes

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Hey there all you /g/eniuses, I have a rather simple problem.
I have a little HTML site that I built for a class project, and I get extra credit for hosting it on the web.
But then I thought, fuck all those botnet free domain host guys, I wanna host my own .onion
How do I go about doing this in a way that my instructor can access it?
Otherwise, what free domains would you recommend?

Will be dumping rare pepes in the meanwhile...

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>mfw I vacuume the inside of my PC every other week

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Best gaming laptop?

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