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>Still a normal human being

No you're not.

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t. npcOS user

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>Buying nvidia ever

Who cares.

I have always bought intel cpus and amd gpus.

One time I tried an intel/nvidia set-up and it was constant blue screens, crashes driver issues. Several wipes / os changes thinking it was something else.

It was nvidia causing me all the grief. Fuck nvidia.

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I only care about the apus.

Got a 2400ge in an all-in-one pc for less than 499 and added 16GB DDR4 to it and I can play everything at max settings.

I tru;y don't understand why people show fake videos / screen shots when this thing runs DayZ ( stand alone trash ) with maxed settings @ 1080 with no stutter or fps drops. Mind you I'm happy with 30fps. As long as I can max settings or have most settings on high. And in terms of none gaming shit. Blender runs better than it did on my old i7-6700 intel shitter pc with a RX 580.

I game way less anyway. Only TF2, DayZ, chinese cartoon kissing sims and free flash or online games and I'm good. But hope to see even more from these... ( I hope ) I'll hand this one down to my parents as they still using a pc from 2006.

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No that's a lie. Nothing has wider software support than windows because it has 90%+ marketshare and it's a garbage posix OS compared to linux. There is no reason to use it ever, now shill elsewhere.

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>>claims to be 144hz
>No it doesnt
Yes it does.
>>18ms response time
>At 50hz which they used for testing (PAL testing in 2018 Jesus).
You do not understand what pixel response time is. Here's a hint. While impacting refresh rate significantly it is not related to it.
>Their testing methodology is fucked
LMAO. Bbbbb but the test must be wrong. These guys have been doing this for a long time macfag.
The pixel response time IS NOT the refresh rate. It's how fast the display is capable of changing a pixel. As such, it ends up capping the refresh rate regardless what the screen controller supports. Apple put in a fast controller but a shit screen.

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>iNPC doesn't see it
My sides have reached escape velocity

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>face ID is objectively better in nearly every way.
Perfect if you mean that relatives can unlock your phone. Macfags really do know how to think different. They even redefined what perfection means.

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>posts same stale memes and threads everyday
>seething that freechads have made better memes to BTFO his grey ass


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>Yeah, that's basically bullshit, as we know from negative Apple news.

>Not worried, I will keep buying what I have been satisfied with in the last 10 years.

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