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Naw, used to be the guro board.

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Looking to replace my xperia compact x (don't like huge xbox phones)

any ideas on what I could get that isn't much bigger? not entirely happy with Sony

budget is a non issue

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So glad I'm not a onions filled fucktard.

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>in all of the top trackers (about a dozen or so)
>only use a couple of them regularly
>took no effort since I was already in those two trackers anyway so getting invites everywhere else was easy

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But they do Anon.

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Railguns are a reality, and have been for over a decade.

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Yeah, brand new utter shitboxes made from the shittiest, shiniest plastic.

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>For just $1 a day, you can support this starving iPhone.

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I have NetBeans but it's not compatible with JDK9 yet.

Downloaded Notepad++ yesterday.

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>of playing sys admin at home

What do you mean?

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I mainly use my computer for shitposting, movies, and Runescape (the shitty old java one). I use i3, or I log into the xfce on Xubuntu if there's something I need to configure that I really can't wrap my head around with the config files.

Everyone seems to love Arch Linux, I really just want to use an OS at home that respects my freedoms™--but the I like the idea of adding all of my packages from scratch. However I am very prone to getting too cocky and breaking shit

Anyway, should I try and use Arch Linux or is it just a masochist nightmare?

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So my hard drive with all my memes and documents it's dying after 7 years. Even with 349 free GBs from old movies and shows I deleted my entire system is slowed down to a crawl, it takes about 15 minutes to open the file explorer, is there a way to save something on it?

Sometimes after restarting it just pops up a tiny message that says repairing Disc (C:) and just gets stuck in there for even hours unless I forcefully shut it down, note it's on windows 10.

Windows backup didn't do jack shit either.

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This thread is a disaster

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>plan entire desktop build
>realize it won't make me any happier if I had it

Fuck me.

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>didn't even explode

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>Have to wait until I get home to update

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I enjoy 3D, I just wish there was more support for passive 3D, instead Nvidia try to peddle their own solutions.

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>Kingston in charge of ssd

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>universities in charge of making secure software

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I'm currently running a gtx 570 and was offered an r9 280a for free, just have to pay shipping costs which is like $30. I'm not too knowledgeable about amd cards and nvidia has been great. Is switching to amd a good idea? Obviously the amd card outperforms it, but for whatever reason I'm having reservations about it. Switching drivers shouldn't be difficult

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Are you going to deny it?
I have a computer with an Intel IGP and it has problems with Vsync on multi monitor configurations in Windows.
The control panel takes forever to load, just like CCC and the Nvidia equivalent.

With my GT 760 I can't set it to output limited RGB to the TV if I have the TV and monitor cloned, curiously enough you have this setting in the nvidia settings manager in Linux, too bad vsync only works on the monitor you chose, unlike Windows where it works on all monitors.

I've seen ATI/AMD driver installed trough Windows Update to literally cause BSOD, a consistent and repeatable bug.
Other than that I can't complain too much from them, my last AMD video card was a 5850.

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