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>muh tracker
Telemetry is off in IceCat and all references go the servers it must connect to are removed. It doesn't matter if that file exists because IceCat won't connect to it at all.

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>germany, uk
Germany and UK are currently investigating.
Canada is evaluating to ban Huawei too.
>most of europe
"Most of Europe" doesn't have or care about intelligence work like this and will go with whatever the UK and Germany decide.
Most of Africa is being colonized by China right now and Huawei is building the telecom infrastructure. Of course dictator #916 isn't going to bite the hand that is feeding them even though Huawei is the company that built the networks of the African Union building; which was bugged to the core.
>south east asia
South East Asia is also under China's boot right now. You can expect this to change once India, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand begin trheir efforts to counter China's influence in the region.
>latin america
See Africa.

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