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Looking to get a laptop for school. I'm a long time Pop_os user, but I've heard that their trackpad gestures are pretty similar to macos, which is why I'm considering a Macbook. I wanted to get a laptop with a 16:10 or 3:2 screen and an AMD processor, but my only options right now in the US are Thinkpads that cost the around the same or more than an M1 MBA with the same drive space and ram.

As a CompSci major, would anyone here recommend the M1 Macbook Air? Or should I wait to get my "dream" AMD laptop? I have an XPS laptop from 2015 that I'm currently using, but it's heavy and starting to show its age (performance wise). Any thoughts would be great.

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What is the point of those threads? ThinkPads are machines not available on the market since like a decade. Only chance to get one is to buy it from some neckbeard who shot his spunk on a keyboard while masturbating to cartoons or to dig it from bottom of a garbage pile and hope it's still barely functional. If I could get a brand new classic ThinkPad I would do it but I it's not possible anymore.

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This shit probably gets asked a lot but I really need to practice Python. Its always in my mind but I get anxious so I just procrastinate. I'm literally shooting myself in the foot here. I know the basics, but I need something to work on to take me to the next level, or I need a project idea. I'm not creative at all, but I feel like I'm great at problem solving. If anyone in a similar position previously have any ideas or advice, I'd appreciate it.

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Reminder that pod sex is forbidden.

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>Even that DTK (developer transition kit) hardware, which is running on an existing iPad chip, that we don’t intend to put in a Mac in the future, it’s just there for this transition, I think people will find that the Mac runs awfully nice on that system, it’s not a basis on which to judge future Macs of course, but it gives you a sense of what our silicon team can do when they’re not even trying - and they’re gonna be trying

can't believe Intel and AMD are about to be eternally BTFO, bros

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> You cannot get a GDK Pixbuf from a Gtk Icon

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I wish I could go back to past. I never bought netbook or nintendo ds while it was available. There was so many comfy stuff to buy.

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I see...

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All these poor Jewtel shills... I feel so sorry for you guys...

Hate to be the one to break it to ya'll but this is ryzen county.

You are not fooling anyone.

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i just graduated with a degree in IT from a reputable university and haven't heard a peep from any of the hundreds of jobs i've applied for. i've had people look over my resume and cover letter samples and they say they're fine. all i need is an entry level help desk job, what the hell do i do?

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Automount is not woking in my Manjaro (using thunar). How do i fix it?

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