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smart gabu poster

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But then it would be around the price of the Rog II... So just get the ROG II...

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I've gotten alright at fps games with a trackball after doing it for a year and a half now. I'm not particularly good at anything, but it only took me a couple months to get back to baseline for holding my own in arena shooters and the like. Before I switched I was just starting to get good at strafejumping in Quake, and moving to a trackball meant I had to a) relearn the mouse movements required, and b) get used to jumping with Spacebar instead of M2 because the latter makes no sense on a finger trackball. I wouldn't have it any other way, regular mice feel uncomfortable now, even just on the desktop.

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>mfw bill is sataniaposter

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I was thinking about building my own custom case, pivoting shit 90 degrees, sticking a bunch of big fans at the bottom pointing up, and strapping a CPU cooler to a GPU. I've seen it done before. It had me thinking. Then, one day, I realized I could do the same thing with a custom watercooling loop for half the effort and about the same amount of money. I don't give a shit about overclocking, actually I'd like to undervolt everything I can, but I do give a shit about having shit as close to ambient as humanly possible, so I'm seriously considering it.

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>Too bad fucko, I'll keep posting and you'll have to live with it.
since when are you /v/edditors so seemingly bold and unashamed?

What changed

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>shitty bait OP
>99% of thread is shitting on airpods
>mfw this is a reverse shill thread to dissuade people on /g/ from buying apple products

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>iPajeet shill thread
>99% of thread is shitting on apple
Is this actually psy op falseflag thread?

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into maths

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I'm supposed to do a website of my choice for the class, like 6 pages, and I still can't decide on an idea. Suggest something. Maybe a weather app that uses another website's api, what else should be put in it

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what do the 'production' and 'development' modes exactly mean?
what happens during 'production'?

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is this a good config for anime viewing https://gist.github.com/Hikari9/15ae5d31664ef761df4aa70778c2c0a7

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>is this a good value?
>no price

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