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I'm also curious what the fuck your circuit looks like
Nobodys making assumptions, just show up how your setup is arranged and we'll tell you specifically what part is shit, we can't just guess why you have a battery connected to your mic or assume where fuck your audio is actually going
Tell us, you put it together

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Maybe it's a minimum or maximum framerate? Or maybe it's what you need to be able to achieve for the frame pacing to work properly? I have no idea, the range is normally insanely low to insanely high (gsync for example has a minimum of like 20fps) and I doubt you would need 12 whole extra fps to settle frame timing issues
Look it up?
In either case, unless you can "overclock" your monitors refresh rate, you're stuck at 60fps and everything up until this post makes me believe 60fps works fine with freesync

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>having absolutely zero ethos
It's not a fallacy it's an untrustworthy source, just like it has been since it started

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>tfw only bought things I wanted

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