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here's my general wish list for a flexible form factor.

> ~8w*11h*11d standard case, with big 200mm fan in front, removable top and side panels
> ~8x10 flat-mounted mobo with bottom mounted card riser slots
> 4x full height plus 4x half height cards mounted parallel to mobo via 2 perpendicular risers
> full height cards both sides with ~1.5" wider case for quad SLI/CF people
> risers could be shorter for shorter cases
> slightly taller cases for taller CPU fans and/or front 5.25" bays
> standard ATX size PSU on bottom, top mount option available for the brave

the main idea is that a single motherboard and PSU size could work with a much wider array of case form factors by switching out PCIe risers of different slot counts.

if you wanted to go really fucking tiny, you could have no installed riser, on-mobo APU and m.2 storage, and have the whole thing in like a 8w*6h*10d cube for a standard-size board.

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