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>that screen tearing

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Was funny when she (he?) put on some satanic shit on a ebook reader and some in the comments got butthurt about it.
But to be honest she kinda looks like the type who's into that stuff.

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What's intel's current $99 offering? Whatever it is, it's about to be absolutely annihilated into a state of total irrelevancy, just like the rest of the blue time lineup.

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Hold on now...

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No one here has a repo anyone would bother to make a pull request to. Prove me wrong.

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From that list it looks like you actually meant to write
>For name-dropping architectures I've heard of somewhere but don't know much about other than how smart I feel when I list them all at once in 4chan posts

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is that good or bad

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I've got a music library on an external drive with songs organized by album/compilation. Most of these are in mp3, but a lot of them are WMA and WAV. Like, 20k.
How would I go about batch-converting and replacing all the non-mp3 songs into the same folders?

Speed is more of a concern than quality here, as it's not for me.

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I have a OnePlus 3T for about 2 years now and I was thinking about replacing the battery.

OnePlus doesn't sell them but I found sellers on ebay claiming they have OEM battery's.

Anyone experience with replacing/buying a new battery?

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>not Sublime Text 3

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>tfw you install so much shit on your main ssd it tells you there is no room to download new update.

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Was about fucking time!
Bye chinkshit!

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>wouldnt make me better at any of those listed above
>rarely used
>a /g/ meme
>probably a gateway to being a neet crossdresser

ill pass

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you just described me

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It's funny if you look into the history of media formats, the RIAA and MPAA have opposed every format since vinyl. They hated that people could record their own cassettes and VHS tapes and the RIAA essentially killed DAT when Sony tried to introduce it and they were against MP3 when it was introduced.

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What happens if you put a government phone's (Obama Phone) sim card into an unlocked phone? I heard it messes up your phone's motherboard.

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cybrary.it is fucking lit
any other websites like it that g can rec?

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>We need to close the AMD account, theyre already making the PS5 GPU
>But Samsung hasn't picked a partner for PCIE 4
>I don't want to touch the Intel account... Oh shit, they're making their own GPU, I forgot
I got that info from an authentic pajeet btw

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But he didn't lose the argument, you never attacked his argument.

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