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big yikes

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anti-dandruff shampoo

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>I'd hire qualified white anons in the same priority that i'd hire blacks... and I'd make sure they knew and understand the reason why and the culture I was trying to breed. One which doesn't see skin color but individuals and minds.
You know this BS has been shut down so many times it's not even funny. You're not superior, you're not "above it all." NOT. And fedoras are not a good look unless you're a 10/10.

There is no "centrism," only cowardice and ignorance of the current scientific understanding of power relationships in society and how to fix them.

Once again, you're not superior, you're not "above it all" you fucking fedora. You're the exact same type of person who writes 500 word posts in faux-shakespearean grammar about how an internet test measured their IQ to 150 and now they just can't take the drudgery of living with the rest of us.

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it is overrated anyways
>worrying about things like morality and dignity

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>Gayming card for linux

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>institution of higher learning

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i use mint cinnamon and never had a problem with steam. the only thing i did was install the nvidia drivers and steam, otherwise i didnt touch a damn thing since im a noob and will probably break shit

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if that is true they should have put in a proper d-pad instead of that steamcontroller tech

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>How much longer till you're legally required to have a social media presence?

You already are, if you want to have a job more respectable than starbucks barista or basement dwelling sysadmin. Though going by your greentexting and anime reaction image of a fucking shit, I'm guessing that's not really an issue for you.

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ahaha n1 rekt

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>board culture

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>I only play M rated games

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>vila la vape
>the revolt

mouth fedoras are worse than regular fedoras

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So.. your mom?

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>I was an atheist

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>It's a legitimate form of prose.

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God damn it, he is wasting his life away. What the fuck.

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>Microsoft is what rap is to real music.

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Well meme'd my good sir. However I wasn't referring to any applicable monetary issues regarding the acquisition of such a keyboard. Rather I had myself wondering towards the logistical conundrum. Obtaining such a device in this part of Europe is quite the achievement you see.

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