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I fried the chinkshit electronics in tire pump a few days ago by plugging it in with its power switch on. Mechanically it's still fine, and runs after directly wiring the motor to that plug, but there is no good reason for something that's supposed to work in an emergency, and is otherwise well enough made, to have a surprise failure mode like that. Will be getting one with a mechanical analogue gauge as a replacement.

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In case you're not just pretending to be retarded, incandescent bulbs were used in incubators, defrosters, children's toy ovens and the like because they produce a lot of waste heat. LEDs and CFLs are more efficient for producing light because they produce significantly less of this waste heat, but are therefore useless in a heating application. If you want to replace the light with an LED you'll need to add a heating element(preferably with some kind of thermostat. Which you should have already had. The hell kind of operation are you running?)

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What is this fucking bait. Do you want to "script behaviors" with a stylesheet?
While yes, css does lack some things, it's a ray of hope in the ├╝ber shit that is webdev.

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Because only autists can see a problem where others think there is none.
I gave my sister some cheap, yet decent iems. At first she didn't hear any kind of improvement over the earphones that came with her phone, but after getting used to the sound she found that the free earphones she used to have no problems with, sounded odd and not so good. Now imagine if you give a completely normal person, whose daily drivers are something like airpods, Beats, Bose iems, or even Shures, some meme iems in the 100-200$ price range that fits their personal taste and the music genres that they listen to. Let them use it for a week and then go back to their old daily drivers, I am willing to bet most of them would now have problems with their old daily drivers where at first they were more than content with them.

tl;dr autists notice things normies wouldn't without it being pointed out to them

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>firmware included, except for this hardware, that one, those ones, and ofc your card
yes yes low tier bait have a (You)

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I know its a meme but:
Just torrent your shit, you stupid asshole

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how do you think windows is built, troll

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>it doesn't work in KDE

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How is this a good thing?
Please care to elaborate.

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the celeron 3930 is a dual core cpu (2.9ghz too , pretty weak imo) ,
how is that running 4k 60hz? are you talking video games or video , because it WONT do both

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>comparing the 1800X to the 77k
>giving a shit about igpu

the R5 1600 is 200$ , same performance , 65w

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You know being financially conservative and smart with your money doesn't make you poor. In fact it's usually the upper middle to middle class that tends to be more smart with their money, because they work hard for it, so they'll invest it more wisely.

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Being smart with money and financially conservative != poor.
In fact it's usually the people who are smart with spending that are the opposite.

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lol, yeah, because the UI doesn't matter at all.

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>edits out all signs of it actually being chrome
>no topic for discussion

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"They use Japanese words but usually end up pronouncing them wrong and sounding like total assholes."
"Excessive use of Japanese words in replacement of English"

How many good boy points did that pass cost?

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I'm just so tired of this fucking meme. Kill me now please

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>uBlock Origin
Are you retarded?
>Adblock Plus

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