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Alright guys i REALLY need help rn.
I just built my first pc 2 days ago and it went relatively smooth.
Specs are:
Fx-8350 4.0ghz with stock cooler
gigabyte 78lmt-usb3 r2 motherboard
gigabyte rx 560 4gb (the newer version)
2×4gb ddr3 patriot viper 1600mhz ram
wd blue 1tb
corsair vs450 80plus
deepcool tesseract sw case

all of this brand NEW.
as monitor i have an Acer v173 720p 60hz with vga cable and vga to hdmi adaptor for the gpu

im using windows 10 home.
problem is everytime i use the pc more than 10min it starts flickering about 5 secs apart continuosly but the pc itself works , just the screen getting pitch black then coming back over and over .so i ordered a new asus monitor for 100$ and im hoping this problem will be solved, ill only use a hdmi cable directly to the gpu.is it gonna be okay ?im new to this also my english is not the best sorry

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