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>Nobody uses 4chan for the SFW boards anyway

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Is having "trained' consumers change the brightness and saturation of a TV to what they prefer the equivalent of the Harman curve?

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What is the second best headphone behind the HD600?

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Is 3000MHz RAM "good enough" for Ryzen or are they still being held back as people say?

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Are you on estrogen? Are you a tranny? If not how do you avoid osteoperosis?
D-Does your dick still work?

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how does /g/ name their devices?

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I need to control system sound volume through a bash or a python script. Basically, I'll be listening to key events and change volume up or down.

How do I go about that? How do I change volume from a command line?


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Really, who were you quoting?

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I'm having an "application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware" when playing a game. Just one game gives me this error, every other game works just fine.
I've had this error before with every game, but my PSU died, and when I replaced it, the error was gone.
Now the error is back, but just for that one game.
I tried some registry fuckery, but to no avail.

Could it be that the problem is not entirely on my end this time?

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If I am a set of all sets, do I contain myself?

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Why do so many internet blogs exist?

It seems like a bubble that needs to burst.

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Does Linux really count as a UNIX?

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I mean you would figure so that devs can check the storage pool thing. But prolly not.

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That wasn't my post though...

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Because a 5K display by itself costs $1000-$1600.
And since when was an I7-6700K a laptop CPU?

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Maybe this would be better to ask in /hpg/ but I'm thinking of getting some xiaomi pistons to compare to my shures

is there any reason not to just go with the 3.0?

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>paid with cash
Paid exactly what? you cannt get a number without a sim and you cannot get a sim without signing legal papers. I paid with crash from my wallet anyway, I don't have a credit card nor a bank account. Seriously, what the fuck are you even talking about?

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hi /g/
I would like an advice.

I try to learn to code in Common Lisp as a summer occupation, espacially for its Homoiconicity. But I don't know what to code.

Do you have any idea of a project (like a school project) where Homoiconicity can be use, or some exercices using it ?

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