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Anyone remember when Linux used to have a decent, fully-featured UI, complete with window snapping, edge-reaching window control controls, and all of the functionality Windows had and more? Not to mention a total lack of screen tearing which is now the norm with everything except for Nvidia GPUs. What the fuck happened? Were tablets and shit so fucking important to the devs that we just had to transition to a horrible hybrid UI that NOBODY FUCKING USES ON AN ACTUAL TOUCH DEVICE? I'm finally jumping ship after six years on Linux because of this nonsense. I'll keep a low-powered Linux PC around for the odd task but I'm not going to deal with these constant regressions anymore. Linux truly is a server and workstation OS now. The only people who use Linux on their desktop anymore are NEETs with no jobs and teenagers who have nothing better to do and treat it like a hobby. RIP, my once-great OS.

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