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>tfw i7-4790k at stock clock
don't even want to think about later gens

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Ok, I made the damn list. Tried to be varied but didn't include the pop from these days, can change that in the future. Also the list is huge, pastebin might not be enough, I can put it in github.

Also, yes, the list can change but I rather move things around than moving things out, rather to conflict tbhfams.

Here is the music list https://pastebin.com/NUSNuR7H

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>filling 14gb already

You're right, 16 isn't enough today

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>parents opted into it
>couldn't even browse half the boards on this website anymore
>didn't know the password for our Virgin account
>had to lie to them that I needed to turn it off cause my games weren't working or something bullshit

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update: I decided to downgrade the CPU and mobo a bit and reinvest the money in better graphics. will this have heat issues?

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