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How about actual games instead of running 2 APIs without engine glue?

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1800X and 1700X clocks are available everywhere, I'm not pulling them from shit you twat.

There's overclocks for both 1800x and 1700x.

>slight OC on a 7700k
After, deliding, sanding, a custom loop at 1.45V, right?
Kek, this retarded faggot would rather buy a 4 core that's 5% faster in serial crap but gets murdered in multithreaded by over 90%

What hilarity, is playing in SuperPi that fun?
Here are your games, btw, run better on 8 lower clocked cores than 4 higher clocked cores.

4 cores are obsolete, even for gaming now, you've got nothing else but to defend your failed purchase.

Where are you now, shill? Let me drink directly from your tear ducts.

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