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Honest question: Why do you care what other people own?
And why do any of you care what other people think about the things you own?

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That’s some dystopian bullshit

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You better not be fat or bald

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I did something a little retarded. I have an old cracked program that's about 12 or 13 years old at this point and I've used it on various computers like Vista and 7, so I used it on a Windows 10 computer recently and it didn't run till I gave it admin status. On top of that too, I forgot to block connections like a retard.

So a few questions,
>Would a potential virus that's gone unnoticed and undetected for over a decade be there?
>Would there still be danger from a possible virus that old?
>It was a portable program but still left behind some shit in the registry, how would I delete all that?
>Would current anti-viruses be able to detect such old viruses or are databases not looking back that far?

I'm also wanting to buy the legit software now since the old version is shit and I'd rather just go legit, but now I wonder if it's left behind something that will be flagged by the legit version?

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you are scary man. stay far far away. no contact me again

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>Noooo C is the best language because we have so much power
>Also CTards
>Noooooo C++ gives you too much power and you'll shoot yourself in the foot

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>i dyed mine green/blue
if you don't post a picture i'm just going to assume it's disgusting

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More cringe being posted in the HDBits thread on BTN.

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>mfw I realized OP wasn't referencing /vrpg/
Why is Hiroshima adding yet another fucking /v/ board?

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Hitler would've gassed you

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1x500GB NVMe

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3060 - 399$ = 2070 super
3070 - 499$ = 2080 super
3080 - 699$ =2080 ti
3080ti - 899$ - 999$ = 40% better than 2080ti

is this shit even realistic ?

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LTSC still a spyware
>installing microsoft+NSA shitware

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>due to vendor favoritism
ok you must be trolling right now. good bait

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Ok sounds good anon. Thanks. I will figure it out.

I'm wondering though, what makes it secure to have a backend script handling requests to do logic at site.com/backend.php - unsafe to do logic on JS frontend index.js? Why can people not change backend scripts source code using an inspector?

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>Its another nonbinary lesbian post-communist webdev with Dunning-Kreuger syndrome leaking out of all orifices (artificial or otherwise) episode

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Most of the prices during black friday are no better than they were 6 months ago

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